Good Fences Make Strange Neighbors

Story Sent in by Ryan:

I was walking through town with Melinda on our first date when she lightly tapped a white plastic fence as we passed it.

"Wait," she said after we walked by it, "I did that wrong."

She then hurried back to the far end of the fence and tapped at it again as she walked back over to me.

"Damn it!" she said, "I did it wrong, again!"

She went back again to the other end of the fence and tapped at it once more. Then she groaned and did it again. Then again.

"Anything I can help with?" I offered.

"No. I almost have it," she said, then did it one more time and smiled once she was finished. I took that to mean that she had accomplished whatever her task was and so we went on.

After dinner, I walked us by the same fence once more, and again she went back and forth to touch it in just the right way. It took her a bit less time but it was still just as amusing.

Once she was done she told me, "Your turn."

"To touch the fence?" I asked. I reached out and tapped it. Done.

"You're doing it wrong," she scolded.

"Let's keep going," I suggested.

She scowled at me but said nothing in response. She was clearly really upset about it and we didn't have another date.


  1. Text book OCD. I'd recognize that "tapping" anywhere. ;)

  2. If you replace any reference to a "fence" with the word "penis" this story becomes approximately 5 times more hilarious. (Though to be fair, that's a pretty good guideline in ANY situation.)


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