The Most Unforgiving Body Part

Story Sent in by Gabe:

I took Rhonda dancing at a club with live music. I think we both had a great time. We sat down to eat dinner between sets, and after digesting a bit we went back to dancing.

Once we were done (and exhausted) we left the club and found that while we were inside, it had rained. It was a short walk to our cars, and as I escorted her to hers, she slipped on a curb and fell onto her butt.

She yelled out and I was afraid that she was hurt, but she said she was more surprised than in pain. I helped her up. She moaned and said, "Bad butt! Bad butt! It has a mind of its own."

She laughed and I laughed along with her. We hugged and both left.

My subsequent phone call to her went unanswered, but she wrote me an email a little over a week later that said, "While I had a great time and liked you a lot, it seems my butt didn't. Best of luck."

I began about a half dozen possible responses in the ensuing week, but ultimately couldn't think of anything to say that would've changed her butt's mind.


  1. Oh God please, for all out sakes, don't let this be the start of an epidemic of Empty Butt Syndrome.

  2. @ Try - We need some empty paint cans and decorating supplies, STAT!


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