Jagged Orange Pill

Story Sent in by John:

At lunch on our first date, Brittany busted out a plastic case filled with about a dozen pills. I didn't want to be nosy but she was taking them all right in front of me, so I asked her, "Vitamins?"

She said, "No," and left it at that. She became really drowsy in short order and it made me uncomfortable enough to end the date early.

I hadn't planned to go out on a second date with her, but she emailed me a sincere-sounding apology, telling me that she had forgotten to take her pills from the day before and thus doubled up on them at lunch, causing her to become tired. It didn't sound altogether healthy to me, but I didn't mind seeing her again so we set up another lunch.

That second date, she took out the same case with (from what I could tell) even more pills. No explanation was given, so I asked, "Doubling up again?"

She said, "No. The right amount of mine, this time. I stole some of my sister's, though."

"You stole some of your sister's pills? Why?"

She said, "They taste like candy," then held out a small pale orange pill to me, as if it was chocolate.

"No thanks," I said.

She popped it into her mouth. "Mmm... candy!" she said.

I didn't ask her out again. I hope she's not dead.


  1. While similar in some regards to this, perhaps they both prove Pincus's Law of direct proportionality, that the more pills you take on a date, the more likely it is that there won't be a follow-up date.

  2. Oh something similar happened to me...He had all those pills...right there in front of me....meds and supplements...for every health problem you can imagine including sexual problems...all the while maintaining that he was very healthy lol. He also had a very bad hip problem and basically couldn't walk at all...On the phone, he told me it wasn't that bad...It was bad, very bad. Also, he lied about his age...was quite a bit older. Jeez, I need to publish my story here me thinks lol....

  3. Please do, Ms Lilly... I always welcome fresh meat to troll...

  4. I like to think of Steve as fresh meat, but not to troll...

  5. Well, I just submitted it;) I couldn't sleep so figured I'd type my date story hehe.


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