Not Even a Little Pregnant?

Story Sent in by Hannah:

At the funky neighborhood cafe where Francis and I met up, we ordered a few tasty-looking appetizers and then he passed me a sealed envelope across the table. I opened it up. It was a greeting card, congratulating me on my pregnancy. Only thing was that I wasn't even remotely pregnant.

"You know something I don't?" I asked.

He said, "You're not pregnant?"

"No. I'm pretty sure."

He raised his water for a toast and replied, "By the end of the night, maybe you will be!"

One-date wonder, that one.


  1. OP, you spelled your name backwards!

  2. If the OP had been stupid enough to sleep with this guy, and HAD gotten pregnant, how much you want to bet that the guy would have claimed it wasn't his?

  3. But I'm sure she could've counted on him to send a tasteful celebratory card, all the same.

  4. Surprise pregnancy is why I'm strictly a back door gal until I find out if they are husband material, then I go all three holes to clinch the deal.

  5. Ahh, Try, your momma sure didn't raise no fool...

  6. I keep telling y'all there's seven holes. Ears are all the rage now. Also, that's awesome Steve about the Hannah thing. I don't know why my ditzy brain didn't realize that before. Are we still doing the thing where Try is trying Steve's holes? Is that still going on? I know I've missed stuff because the thing we me and Art Vandalay is going do well...

  7. Indeed Tanette. I'm having to improvise as Steve does not have a vagina. He currently thinks I'm tickling him but I'm really fingering his armpits.

  8. Here's a new market for Hallmark!
    Cover: Are you pregnant? Are you sure?
    Inside: Let me put on my doctor's costume and we can make sure! Have a happy one-night-stand!


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