From Bad to Curse

Story Sent in by Erik:

I was having a nice first date dinner with Diane when she took off a bracelet she wore, one of leather with metal studs, and said, "I never do this, but will you wear this? It would mean a lot to me."

It was unexpected, but I did it. I asked her, "Why?"

She said, "I may tell you, sometime." Okay.

After dinner, we walked on a nearby beach and I asked her, "What's the story with this bracelet?"

"I can't tell you. Not yet."

When the date was nearly over, I took the bracelet off and handed it back to her. She said, "Keep it for now. Wear it and think of me."

The rest of the date, I need to stress, had been awesome. I thought we really clicked, and that her lending me the bracelet was just a sweet gesture.

When we hung out again, I was sure to wear it, and although she didn't say anything about it, I caught her glancing at it several times. So far, so strange, but good.

Date three: we went out on a drive to the country to visit some farm stands and such. I had the bracelet on and while we were in the middle of browsing in a country store, she asked me to give it back.

The first thing I thought was that this was her way of ending our dates. I asked her if that was the case and she said it wasn't. "But," she said, "I really have to take it back, now. I think the curse is gone."


"It's a cursed bracelet. Every guy who's ever worn it has died less than a year after wearing it."

Stunned silence from me. She said, "But I sense strong magics in you. You might last a long time."

I said, "If you really think it's cursed, then why did you have me wear it?"

"To test it out. I want to see if you'll die. But maybe you won't. We can still date. Until you die. If you want."

I didn't want. And that was six years ago.


  1. Granted the 'curse' is made up from her own stupidity, but she's willing to kill some unsuspecting guy just to satisfy her own sick curiosity? Good on you OP for dumping her after that nonsense.

    Do you think that bracelet is cursed in a different way? Put that thing on the guy and he'll dump you after three dates, guaranteed!

  2. I wonder how stupid this lady is, I mean that doesn't mean the other guys died from her stupid bracelet. there could have been other facts how old were they and etc.

  3. @ Blue Blue - Oh, they died. She made SURE of that.

    This kind of date always makes me think someone is trying to hide evidence. If the SVU guys could just find the leather bracelet with the spikes in it used to choke their victim to death while also puncturing his trachea, they could finally crack the case! But the innocent girlfriend doesn't have it and we've searched her home, car, and all of her belongings! Damn it all!

  4. I bet the guys committed suicide just to get away from the crazy douche-sicle

  5. Howie! How are you? Missed you so!

  6. She sounds psycho.

    Even if she thought it really happened, I would be worried about whatever other theories she would test out on you.

  7. Hi Tanette13. I miss this site too...I'm only allowed computer privilege certain times of the day at the penitentiary I'm in. Sometimes I don't get on at all cuz a certain "goof" hogs it....sigh.

  8. Oh, poor Howie. Well, when you're stuck in your cell, think of me. ;)


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