Mid-Fight in Paris

Story Sent in by Mark:

I went to college in a town with a really great nightlife - clubs, sidewalk cafes, and lots of pedestrian-friendly spaces. On the night of my first date with Jenny, she requested that we go to a particular sidewalk cafe because, in her words, "They have live quartets and there's always some art student or something painting a picture of this place from the outside. It's just like being in Paris!" She was excited about it and it sounded good to me.

When we made it there, there weren't any quartets or art students. She retained hope. "It might be early, yet. They'll be here. They'll be here."

By the time we ordered our food, though, they hadn't arrived. She muttered obscenities under her breath and kept asking, "Where are they? Where are they? This is supposed to be just like Paris!"

She sank deeper and deeper and deeper into a funk such that by the time our food arrived, she just rocked back and forth, didn't look up, and mumbled to herself.

Hoping to break her out of it, I said, "It's very pretty here. And perfect weather."

She said, barely audible, "You shut up, you shut up, you shut up. I'll tear your eyes out of your skull."

She didn't touch her food and didn't respond when the waitress came by to ask if everything was all right. I had her meal packed up to take home myself, and I paid for both meals. When I stood up to go, I expected Jenny to come along with me, as I figured she'd had enough of a place that had so let her down.

Instead, she remained there, just slightly rocking, staring straight ahead, murmuring to herself. I asked her if she wanted to go, she didn't respond, and I said, "Okay, well I'm sure that quartet and art student will be here soon." I patted her shoulder and left her there.


  1. Mark where r u from? I suppose marry a guy named Mark.

  2. ^ WTF?

    Wow, this story just makes me glad I'm not in the dating pool any more. Glad you snagged that extra meal though OP. Hope psycho girl ordered something good.

  3. @e7... - So am I!!! Is it a coincidence? Or the default name for all psychics? I know it can't be true though, because my perfect boyfriend's name isn't Mark.


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