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Story Sent in by Andra:

Pete seemed nice online, but on our date he was argumentative about everything. An hour before we were to meet, he called to ask, "Where do you want to go? There's a Mexican place and an Indian place I've wanted to try."

I replied, "Let's do Indian."

His response? "Why not Mexican?"

Why give me a choice in the first place? So we ended up at a Mexican restaurant. He recommended a couple of things, which looked good, but I chose a burrito bowl. When the waiter left, Pete asked, "Why didn't you go with anything I recommended? Were my recommendations beneath you or something?"

Why all the drama? He paid the check, I thanked him, and then we went to a place with live music and (so he claimed) excellent mojitos. For once, I opted for his recommendation and tried one. It was good, but hardly "the best mojito ever," as he had claimed.

"Well?" he asked after I gave it a try, "It's the best one you've ever had, right?"

"It's pretty good."

"Pretty good?" he said, "It's the best one ever."

"If you say so."

"Say it. Say it's the best one ever."

I said, "No."

"I paid for dinner. Say it's the best one ever, or you're paying for both of our drinks."

How dare he try to punish me for not doing what he wanted. I said, "I'm paying for mine and getting out of here," and I did just that.


  1. Op, he was just trying to get you to react cause remember if you had added more fuel to his fire. Good thing you dodge that mega control freak.

  2. Yeah Op, you dodge a mega control freak. Never added more fuel to his fire because it may gone boom!

    Jesus, typing that made my brain bleed. Hats off to you, BlueBlue. If I typed like that on the regular, I'd have suffered a massive stroke by now.

  3. I like to avoid brain bleeds & strokes on dates by sending them a contract and script before hand.

  4. Devil you can't have your brain bleed now not before your wedding! some one call Art!!!!!

  5. I think Blue is joining in on the joke to take the heat off herself...

  6. *Gasp* BlueBlue isn't a "herself". Her gender is unknown. None of us can figure out what he is. He may be a female, she may be a male. Ah, the mysteries of life.

  7. You're right, no one should tell blue what gender he/she should be. That would make us mega control freak.

  8. Everybody can tell blue blue what gender he/she should be, as it is irrelevant to him/her. His/her gender was determined before you or I knew him/her. His/her father/mother may/may not have asked/found what his/her gender may/may not be.

    ^Look at what you're doing blue blue! For the sake of my sentence composition explain your gender!

  9. Sorry Shoe, but I will not disclose my gender or ethnicity.

  10. By responding to comments and talking about it so much I think Blue just likes the attention and steering comments away from the actual stories.
    I don't understand why OP even went anywhere with that guy after dinner when his attitude showed him to be a bad match for her.

  11. @Ashley

    I think you're jealous of blue blue stealing attention away from another female on the internet.

    @Blue Blue

    I already know ethnicity, that's easy. It's the gender that's confusing.

  12. Well that good for you Shoe to know my ethnicity even though you could be right or wrong about it.

  13. I could be right or wrong, because I'm always right.

    You could be right or wrong about me being right or wrong.

  14. I'm curious blue blue, what are your reasons for not disclosing something as simple as your gender? Are you afraid of us internet folk?!

  15. Can you imagine this guy in bed? "That was the best oral ever! Say it! Mypenisisthebestthingyouveeverfeltinthisworld!!!1!!1!!"

  16. This guy didn't want to go on a date, he wanted to go on a power trip. Eventually he'll be whinging all over his profile wondering why there aren't any women desperate enough to date him.


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