Scared Shirtless

Story Sent in by Paul:

I wore a cotton dress shirt on my date with Jenn. It was dark blue and wholly unremarkable, but Jenn was fascinated with it.

"What material is that?" she asked like she had never seen a cotton shirt before.

"Cotton. The very fabric of our lives."

She felt the shirt between her fingers. Normally I'd have liked that, but she seemed more into what I was wearing than picturing me without it. She said, "I love this shirt. Where did you buy it?"

"I dunno. Macy's?"

"It's a great shirt."

At dinner, she talked all about how she was into textiles and fabrics and how they were made and who was the world's largest purchaser of silk and the biggest producer of cotton. She expressed continued disbelief that my shirt even existed in the first place. "It looks like Lycra and polyester and it feels like silk and it's made of cotton, oh my God!" was a typical show of amazement from her.

She asked me if I had a spare shirt with me, as she wanted to buy the one I was wearing. I didn't, but she offered me $40 for it and so when dinner was over, we went back to my car, I took off the shirt, and she gave me $40 cash for it. I drove home shirtless and neither of us ever contacted the other again.


  1. You sold your shirt for $40! I hope you made a profit. Who paid for dinner? ROFLMAO

  2. Oh come on op! you should have raise the price duh!! if she really into it. You should have said 100 dollars to see if she go for it.

  3. I would have done the same shit and sold my shirt - cause I'm broke and blue-collared like that.

    And I thought polyester is supposed to be fake silk?

  4. Why didn't you also offer up your pants?

  5. You could have given her the chance to "earn" the shirt.

    Haha, this date literally took the shirt off your back!

  6. Driving home shirtless. For some reason, the image of that kinda gets me going


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