Story Sent in by Nicholas:

Back in college I dated Sarah. We had agreed to be exclusive, but she cheated on me almost from day one. So when the opportunity came for me to cheat on her, I took it.

Sarah found out a day later and she called me after midnight, furious. I had never brought up her transgressions (it was my first college relationship and I still kind of liked her) but during this phone argument, we let the accusations fly fast and furious.

I fell asleep with her on the phone, as I woke an hour or so later and she was still screeching at me. I hung up. Less than 10 seconds later, she called back to scream a string of profanities at me. I hung up again. She called right back and I disconnected the phone wire.

The next morning I woke up at nine, plugged the phone wire back in, and the phone rang at once. It was Sarah. She was upset. Through all the screams and yells, I was able to say, "Sarah, can I say something?"

She shouted, "You don't have the right to say something. You…" and she went on and on. I hung up on her again. She called right back and said, "Fine. What do you want to say?"

I said, "Shut up," and hung up on her a final time. My phone rang off the hook for a week or more, but she eventually stopped calling.


  1. Sounds like a really healthy relationship.

  2. Uh, where's the funny, creepy and/or shocking part? This is just a long winded description of two slut bags in a highly dysfunctional, tit for tat relationship. I could read my old LiveJournal posts for shit like that (yeah, I was a slut bag).

    Jared must be hurtin' for good submissions or is just totally enthralled by my comments about my perfect relationship and impending marriage to my perfect boyfriend. Did I ruin ABCoD with my perfection? Oh no, where will I go to gloat about my awesomeness??

  3. @ Devil - How about a LiveJournal page?

    "We had agreed to be exclusive, but she cheated on me almost from day one. So when the opportunity came for me to cheat on her, I took it."

    Yeah, because that makes sense. Why break up with someone who cheats on you like the non-stop 'ho-train that she is? Revenge is a solid basis for any sound relationship.

  4. Yeah. I was done with you after the first sentence. Why didn't you break up with her from the get go, especially in college? No sympathy. And, OP, you are the kind of guy that annoys the heck out of me, always going after the mean/crazy girl and then getting upset when she does something mean/crazy. Well, duh.

  5. This story really doesn't belong here. It's not about a date and isn't funny, weird, or even interesting - just a couple of people acting like idiots.

  6. Not a date in any way. Nor interesting.

  7. I think OP didn't like being cheated on so he cheated on his girl to get back at her. Not very smart OP. What he should have done was hired some ninjas, gone over to her place and broken down the door. Then Sarah could have put on her yellow jumpsuit, grabbed her samurai sword, and awesomeness would have happened. Why am I the only one that sees these things?

  8. In defense of Jarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred, think of it this way: some tool write this up and sends it to him believing that he's totes in the right and this is the site to show how wrong Sarah was and what a righteous stud OP is. So J to the r^3d decides to post this scrote's narcissistic wankery for us to eviscerate. Sometimes a public shaming is the only way.

    So, in that spirit: OP, imma gonna guess "way back in college" still means after the advent of caller ID. Which means after you crawled your spineless Cnidariac self thru a campus submerged in the snail trail left by the insatiable Swamp-Thing-Sarah to that pity fuck you finally scored, you let SWS heap hours of verbal abuse on you then kept answering the phone for more verbal abuse before finally mustered a "shaddup" as feeble as your dick. So, yeah, way to show her.

  9. At least the terrible people here were dating each other rather than two well balanced individuals.

  10. I personally think Sarah sounds very........shrill.

  11. Fizziks, you are completely right. I worship the ground J walks on, so I could never utter a bad word against him. But you are right that he has given us a beautiful gift in sharing this story with all of us. And OP, one more time for the road, you are the type of guy that annoys the hell out of me. Onward and upward...

  12. Didn't Oprah say the best thing to do when cheated on, is stay with them until you have a chance to cheat on them?

    No? I'm mistaken? Weird.


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