The Jelly of the Beast

Email Sent in by Shannon:

666! 666!

Scared yet? I willprotect you. The devils are eveywhere.

You should know me I am Walter. Pleased to meet you sh-ewoman. I HAVE HAD BEERS. Are you an engineer? Your profile says you are but sometimes profiles are outdated.

Do you prefer peanut butter or jelly? If jelly wht kind of jelly? And why?

About me? I am a nice guy who hads been on this site for a month and by month I mean six years. I've had great luck on it as evidenced by the fact that I have found you. 666. The beasts are everywhere and I can protect you from him.
How many chins do you have? I count 666.



  1. I loved "I HAVE HAD BEERS." I think I'm going to start all of my text messages to my wife with that line.


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