Pair of Jokers

Profile Sent in by Connie:

About Me:

We are two guys (one white/mulatto the other white). We are 30 and 39.

We are both rock climbing enthusiasts who like going out to conquer the mountains on weekends. One of us is a part time wilderness guide and the other just works at the job we both work at full time. We work at the same company.

Our favorite playing card is the king of hearts because of obvious reasons. As mentioned we work at the same company but one of us is an attorney the other is inspects women.


  1. This profile is just chalked full of what the fuck. Setting aside the fact that two grown men are sharing a profile on a dating site as if they're a package deal, I can't wrap my mind around the whole complicated and weird job descriptions and the archaic use of "mulatto".

    My guess is one guy is a paralegal at a law firm, the other is a janitor who works at said law firm and moonlights as a peeping tom (that would be the whole "is inspecting women") and picks up dog shit at the park and sometimes tells park patrons where the bathroom is (ie wilderness guide).

  2. That's where women get those "Inspected by number 21" stickers.

  3. Oh Tyler Durden, you do know how to write a profile!

  4. Inspecting women? that could mean he a doctor.

  5. Is this supposed to be like a BOGO deal?

  6. EXACTLY like a BOGO deal. You get one pair of mediocre shoes that will fall apart the first time you wear them for more than three hours (the aforementioned paralegal) ,
    AND another pair of shoes you didn't want anyway, because they are a half size too small, or happen to be flip flops covered in crystal decals, or both, for FREE (the janitor)!

  7. Omg...the comments are so hilarious!


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