Sounds Painful

Email Sent in by Donna:

So..... you're not writing back. I understand. I guess. If I had to analyze the moments that went wrong I guess I would focus on:

1. When I told you I didn't want to be a teacher and you LAUGHED AT ME.
2. When you stared at me NON STOP LIKE I WAS SOME THING TO STARE AT.

So I guess I get it if you don't reply. If I was an embarrassing mess as you are I wouldn't write back neither.



  1. Dear Christopher,
    I'm writing you back now. I guess. Our date was brief and memorable and I'd like to address your focal points and give them the real attention they deserve.

    1. In all fairness, your desire to be a school teacher is irrelevant as schools tend to shy away from hiring cross dressing pedophiles. Perhaps you can see why this caused me a bit of mirth.

    2. I was staring at you because you showed up to our date in a full length wedding dress, red high heels, and a Batman cape.

    3. I will remind you that it was you who ordered the Super Gut Buster chili cheese fries appetizer. I cannot be held responsible for a product that worked as advertised.

    Thanks for only being mildly insane and I hope to never hear from you again.


  2. First time commenter, many time reader. Architect, your comment made me snort with laughter at my desk. I think I managed to disguise it as a cough. I really want to know what happened on this date.

  3. Dang, Architect, that's what I was going to wear on my first date with Gerard Butler.

  4. I am perplexed. Why is he e-mailing her? She "embarrassed herself on the date". If he has a fetish for starey women filled with gas and mirth, why not just say that??

    Also, even though Architect's answer is by far the best, she probably didn't write back because in point 3, she'd farted her brains out, therefore rendering it impossible to resume fine motor skills.

    Silly Christopher.

  5. he writing an email to a woman who dead? she did fart her brains out according to him.


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