Fun to Drive, But Smelly

Story Sent in by Micah:

Once Leslie and I were about done with coffee, she asked me if she could see my car. It was an unexpected request but we finished our drinks and I led her outside to the parking lot and showed her my Mazda Protege.

She said, "I imagined someone like you having a convertible."

We shared a bit more talk, then went our separate ways.

A couple of days later I called her and left a message. I told her that I had a good time and asked if she wanted to go out for dinner for a second date.

She texted back almost immediately: "GET A CONVERTIBLE MEAT HEAD."

I don't know what a convertible meat head is (maybe you do?) and I waited for her to write back with something more intelligible. That was a couple of years ago. At this point she's probably found a convertible meat head of her very own.


  1. Ah, another gal what loves the foreskin. Women after my own heart.

  2. It's the OP's fault for not being just like she imagined. Damn you OP for not anticipating her imagination and emptying your bank account to buy one of the stupidest car ideas ever.

    Also: Convertible cars are the stupidest idea ever.

  3. @Achitect - no, they're awesome! /hides switchblade and empty backback

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I don't know, Architect, I always liked The Transformers.

    But maybe I'm just cranky because I'm still waiting (not so) patiently for JMG to post my most recent bad date and have the peanut gallery go to town. Hopefully KatieGirl will chime in that her perfect man-toy never dared look at a phone while out with her. Which you all would understand if it ever gets posted. *sigh*

  6. No sneaking your bad date in the back door via the comments geomorphgirl or should that be BackdoorGeomorphgirl??1??11? It does sound like you found out the hard way that a deep salad toss on a first date is a bad idea. At least you got to eat every peanut you found while he filmed everything with his phone.

  7. I think that what she wanted was to be on a date with a man that had a car with convertible top and when she found out that you did not have this kind of car then she did not want to go on a date with you anymore.

  8. I think we have found Blue Blue's spiritual successor.

  9. I'm annoyed at you, OP, for continuing to pursue someone that superficial. Very annoyed. You are a meathead. ugh.


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