She Was a Gamer Girl, He Said See You Later Girl

Story Sent in by Terry:

I was very lucky to have found Jennifer, a self-professed video game fanatic. She came to my place one night with a stack of games and a case of beers. I was looking forward to gaming, drinking, and hopefully more than that. We had met online and had been on two prior dates. I definitely considered this a date.

"I hope it's okay: I invited some friends," she said as she popped a game in and settled next to me on the couch.

I hadn't expected "friends" on our date, nor was I comfortable with letting strangers into my house. I told Jennifer these things, and she handed me her phone. She said, "Jason Bradley, Kirk Nellis, and Ian Warner. Look them up in my contacts and tell them, yourself."

"You invited three guys here?"

"Are you that insecure?"

"No, but I thought this was a date."

She said, "Well, there's my phone. Call them and tell them they're uninvited. Better hurry. They're on their way."

I did just that, calling each guy in turn. I only reached Jason, but I left voicemails for Kirk and Ian. Once I was done, I handed the phone back to Jennifer, who gave me a stare that could melt a block of ice.

"I can't believe you just did that," she said, then gathered herself and her games, and left without another word. I was stunned, to say the least, but I don't know what else she was expecting.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, a guy was there. "Hey," he said, shaking my hand, "I'm Bill. Jenny's friend."

Bill? She hadn't even mentioned a Bill.

I said, "Sorry, Bill. Party's canceled."

Bill left. Jennifer had left the beer. At least it wasn't a total loss.


  1. A cock forest and a case of beer, now that's what I call a good start to a party and so does Jennifer. Throw in a couple of mud cakes and a cucumber for the night of your life.

  2. The OP must not watch nerd porn because many a gang bang scenarios start with a gaggle of guys hanging out and playing video games only to get tipsy and then start banging. I may be thinking of gay porn but whatevs, OP is a real L7 weenie.

    That said, this story really made me heave a huge sigh of relief because I have a great guy who loves me and would never play video games or try to set up a group sex scenario. So thankful and lucky am I!!! Gotta go, it's finals week and I'm super stressed. Bye all you non-professional job havin' losers!

  3. As Blue Blue:

    I think she wanted to have a party with you and those guys, and when you called them to cancel she got mad.

  4. @ Devil - You should meet my cat!

    @ G - LOL, spot on.

    OP, I hope it was good beer at least. Your date didn't bring any pizza but she sure was having a lot of sausage delivered.

  5. I'm glad OP had a spine and nipped a terrible situation in the bud.

  6. wtf guys, why are you so team OP.

    Was she hot? I need to know this before any judgement can be made.

  7. @ Shoe - She was "...a self-professed video game fanatic." How many video game fanatics of any sex do you know that are good looking? Here's what I'm picturing:

  8. Goddamit Architect how am I meant to remain anonymous if you post photos of me. Not sure how you knew as dear discreet Jaed changed the name from Fly to Jennifer.
    On the plus side, a cute gamer girl in a t-shirt & panties, you can see why there was a stampede of boys in my direction although the firemen who freed me when I got stuck in the door frame at home later that night cruelly said I'm large enough to have my own gravitational field and they were stuck in my orbit.
    Taking a short break from being self absorbed I'd like to wish both KatieGirl & our beloved DevilGirl (if they are two separate people) success with their exams and, fingers crossed, their annoyingly perfect so lucky I have them, partners organise a drug fueled celebratory gang bang for them once they are finished. As usual, the beers on me.

  9. @ The architect

    "She was "...a self-professed video game fanatic." How many video game fanatics of any sex do you know that are good looking?"

    1- Me =)

  10. Excuse me Shoe, two thank you. Shoe & Fly. Although we have to take your word for it so pics please and something sexy would be appreciated.

  11. dude what the hell man? you didn't know she was planning her own porno fantasy? hello!!!!!

  12. and g that was not something i was going to say

  13. you guys! (after next week when my play is over, I will be more clever i hope)


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