Nuts and Crackerjack

Story Sent in by Eddie:

Rose wore a backwards Minnesota Twins ball cap on our date, and at random points during dinner, she would blurt out, "Go Twins!" for no reason at all, and completely without context.

Here's an example: after our drinks arrived, she took a sip of her lemondrop, then pumped her fists in the air and said, "Go Twins!"

Or she'd be talking about how she moved around a lot as a child and in the middle of telling me that she started a tennis club in Peoria, she'd say, "Go Twins!"

I didn't address it until close to when our meals were done. She asked me how I liked my meal, and I gave her a smile and said, "Go Orioles!"

She tore her wallet out of her purse, slammed down enough cash to cover herself, said, "I can't take you anymore," and left me there.

I had said it as a joke, but she must have thought I was teasing her and she took it way too far.


  1. op, if she doesn't have a sense of humor she not for you.

  2. Nice job, OP. Way to make fun of someone's tourette syndrome....DICK! Sorry, there I go again.


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