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Story Sent in by T.R.:

James and I spoke for three full weeks online. Everything was grand, and I couldn't wait to meet the guy. He was a part time gardener (in a local nursery) and part time chef at a local restaurant. He loved what he did, and always made it sound interesting. In short, I really looked forward to talking to him, and I liked how he made me feel.

At dinner (not at the restaurant where he was a chef, of course), he handed me a plain, sealed envelope. He told me not to open it ever, under any circumstances. I thought it was some elaborate joke, but I promised him I wouldn't open it, all the same. I put it away, we had a nice dinner, a nice walk, a nice sit-down in a starlit park, and a nice little make-out session.

Finally, I made it home, and thinking that the statute of limitations had expired, I opened up his envelope.

In it, he had written, "You promised me you wouldn't open it, you ugly, stupid idiot. Never contact me again."

I was distraught and although my first instinct, yes, was to contact him, I held off and decided to wait for him to reach out to me.

The very next day, he did. I asked him what he had meant by the hurtful envelope message. He replied, "Oh, you read it?" and then hung up on me, never to contact me again.


  1. I am predicting a very lonely life for guy because if he keeps that up he never have anyone.

  2. My initials are T. R. lol.

  3. Like so many stories here, this one leaves me with a final thought of "huh?". Was it an exercise in trust? A creative way of setting up a future break up? A chain letter that ended with one person? So. Many. Questions.

  4. At least it wasn't anthrax, like in the envelopes I give to my dates.

  5. This reminds me of the Tales from the Darkside movie. Check out the plot synopsis of the 3rd segment, "Lover's Vow"...


  6. He told you not to open it ever. Very simple instructions, just like not feeding something after midnight... and we all know what happened there.

  7. I think this story is with a clear cut motivation on date's part. The guy had control issues and obviously is trying to find a woman who'd be compliant to his whims.

  8. If someone gave something to me and told me never ever to open it, I'd probably throw it out right in front of them because me keeping it is a waste of time and clutters my house.

  9. Ria nailed it. The guy wants someone he can control.

  10. And Connie has the correct reaction.

  11. I couldn't possibly throw it away. How can you not want to know what's inside something like that?

  12. I'd of been tempted to rip it up in front of him. After all, if I am NEVER to see the contents, why not?


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