A Hard Lesson

Story Sent in by Dawn:

I met Lee on one of those dating sites a few years ago and agreed to join him for dinner.

During dinner, he rarely made eye contact. His eyes were, most of the time, squarely pointed toward my chest and it was a rare moment when he'd break that eye contact to meet my gaze.

Despite that, the conversation seemed to flow easily (and he was quite easy on the eyes, so maybe that helped) and I remained in his company throughout the meal.

When it was time to leave he walked me out, held my hand, and my gaze. He walked me to my car and then leaned in to kiss me. I allowed it. I might not have felt like I was meeting my future husband, but certainly, a kiss would be okay.

As he kissed me he put one hand on the back of my neck and ran the other down my spine, taking it away at mid-back. Okay... classy.

He continued to hold my neck and I didn't really wonder what happened to his other hand until I felt it graze against me, most accidentally, as I realize he had reached into his own pants and was rubbing himself.

I immediately started to pull away and his grip on my neck tightened to hold me there, not aggressively, but quite awkwardly. I had to physically push him away.

Now, although I didn't get a malicious vibe off of him, I also didn't get an "I'm going to touch myself while I kiss you in the parking lot" vibe either so I figured my best response was to just be somewhat polite, thank him for the evening, and get out of there.

He texted me for two months despite blatant rejection until I eventually had to block his number.

I no longer make exceptions for manners even if I think they're lookers. Some lessons have to be learned the "hard" way.


  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with this OP, but unfortunately the warning signs were there despite the fact he was physically attractive and could hold a conversation. Any man who spends his entire date staring at your breasts, without even trying too look at you, I'd say groping himself in the parking lot isn't too far behind.

    Hey, in his demented logic, a girl that tolerates that would tolerate the other.

  2. YOU weren't gonna get him off, so he took matters into his own hands...

  3. Well thanks OP for exposing us girls for the shallow hypocrites we are. I'm sure if he was not so "easy on the eye" staring at your tits all night & holding you tightly by your neck in the car park while he jerked off would have got a completely different response than "politely thanking him for the evening".
    Perhaps men are the same? Maybe my date wouldn't have called the cops if I was slimmer & prettier when I was wacking off in his cars passenger seat refusing to get out. It's a race against time to finish before the cuffs go on.

  4. Awwww, always nice to hear the adventures of young Patrick Bateman.

  5. Then she went home and had sex on a pile of garbage. While his twin watched. Twice.

  6. See, the problem a lot of these guys have is that they seem to think they're dating men, not women. A hot guy kisses another guy at the end of a pleasant evening while rubbing his cock? No problem at all.

    If these are your tactics, dudes, you're playing for the wrong team.

  7. This guy was bad to the bone. He had a hard time focusing at dinner. He seemed extremely cock sure in his actions and I'm sure his heart was throbbing. Way to go OP for blowing him off. I'm sure your firm rebuke will make him go rigid the next time he tries these moves.

    Penis. There, I said it!


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