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Story Sent in by Colt:

Margo and I had met at a party. For our first date, I took her out for a couple of drinks, and then I invited her back to my place to watch some TV/a movie and hopefully make out.

Before I could even recommend a movie, she plunked herself down in front of the TV, commandeered the remote, and turned to some trashy reality show.

She was engrossed in it, and I tried to put a move on her. She moved my hand off and shifted away from me. So I was at my own place, with a girl who didn't want any action, watching a show I couldn't stand.

After her crapfest was over, I asked her, "Want to watch a movie?"

"No," she said, "I want to watch my shows."

I said, "Can we watch something that I want to watch, now?" I had just endured close to an hour of her show, so I didn't think it an unreasonable request.

She said, "No. You picked what we watched last time."

I asked her, "And what time was that? We've never watched TV together, before."

"Let's just watch what I want to watch. I'm your guest."


"And you chose what we watched last time."

I was really confused by this point, and I asked her to leave. She didn't respond. I went up to the TV set and switched it off.

She actually picked up the remote and turned it back on, but I grabbed the remote from her, turned the TV off again, and asked her to leave a final time. She did, with a choice word or two. Sorry, but I didn't ask you out to be your platonic TV watching buddy.


  1. "So I was at my own place, with a girl who didn't want any action, watching a show I couldn't stand."

    Man what a cunt! How dare she not want to jump on your shriveled raisin dick on the first date?! How could she possibly turn down the chance of having you hoist your ugly, fat body on top of her? All sweaty and panting, clumsily mashing your disease-ridden junk against hers in a vain attempt to give her some small amount of satisfaction. Bodily fluids oozing out of every pore as you finish in just under 20 seconds; leaving her feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and highly regretful of ever agreeing to go out with you.
    Yeah man, how dare she not want any of that sweet action?

  2. Good for you op!!!!! i am glad you stood up to that witch! put a b where the w is. lol!!!! But if someone were to do that at my house i punch their fricking lights out and say it my tv witch!!!!!!

  3. OP gets points for being honest but both of them seem like douchebags.

  4. "Before I could even recommend a movie, she plunked herself down in front of the TV, commandeered the remote, and turned to some trashy reality show."

    "Hey sweet cheeks, why don't you make yourself useful. Go into the kitchen, make mamma a sandwich and get me a beer." Then she scratched herself, burped and farted. Ahh, young love.

  5. They deserved each other's entitled asses. Too bad didn't work. OP is a bigger jerk though. Hogging somebody else's tv vs expecting to get some just because. No brainer really.

  6. If he bought her a 'couple of drinks,' he's entitled to at least a makeout sesh!

  7. Shall I compare thee to unscripted shows?
    Thou art more chubs and more indolent.
    Rough words do shake the frame and thou knows
    That syndication hath too short a date.

    Sometimes too drunk the star stumbles and farts,
    And often is a heave'd table missed.
    And every weave from hair sometimes departs
    By chance or bandersnatched in damsel's fist

    But thy eternal drama shall not fade,
    Nor lose possesion of remote control.
    Nor shall Death brag you wander in his shade
    When past the earth your EM signals roll.

    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
    I'll sulk you ne'er made out with me.

    1. Never had I imagined a more eloquent drunken night than this.

  8. @Steve, Only if op was 8 and the date was below 8. :p

  9. I don't see how this OP hate can be taken seriously. She was rude as hell and gave no considerations to him or the fact that he asked her on a date.

    There is nothing wrong with OP wanting to make out with a date. If you've had a date over few drinks and are going back to someone's place, can you honestly call that unreasonable to HOPE for? Keep in mind He respected her boundaries, even as she pushed his. I don't see why it's getting negative press. What would have been a better way to handle it? Let her keep disrespecting him while showing no interest in him?

    A date is about gauging compatibility and mutual interest. If you are on a date where your date is ignoring you/ not showing interest, there is nothing wrong with ending it, especially when the girl is being rude/entitled. That is what you SHOULD do.

  10. If she doesn't want any, she should at least let him watch porn on his own tv. I think he was more upset about that! :)


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