No Further Explanation Is Required

Story Sent in by Ann:

Terrance was the picture of politeness and chivalry on our date. However, he wore a white-collared shirt that very clearly had a pink lipstick smear upon it. I didn't mention a word about it, but close to the end of dinner, he did. He must have caught me glancing at it.

"Look, about the lipstick on my collar," he said, "I don't want you to think it's from some random girl."

"Oh, I... I didn't think... it's, er, nothing to worry about..."

"It's from my mom."

That was all the explanation he gave me. I replied, "Okay. Nothing to worry about..."

"Okay. Cool."

Only date.


  1. it truly was from some girl. he secretly married didn't wanna tell ya.

  2. If he knew it was there, why not change shirts before the date! I never understood lipstick on collars.

  3. Lipstick on collars is females (and transvestites) marking territory. Clearly his mama has some unresolved issues to work through.

  4. Mom has come a long way though - she used to straight up piss on him before he went on dates


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