I Said, "Do You Like Trance Music?"

Story Sent in by Lauren:

I was supposed to meet Jason at a restaurant, but our meeting time came and went and there was no sign of him.

After a little while, a silver car pulled up with closed windows and blasting — and I mean blasting — trance music. The passenger-side window, the one closest to me, rolled down. I almost had to cover my ears, the music was so loud.

The driver of the car, who was Jason, shouted something at me that I guessed was, "Are you Lauren?"

I nodded and beckoned for him to come out of the car. He shouted something else that I simply couldn't hear. I shook my head and put my hand to my ear, to let him know that I couldn't hear him. He shouted something again, and still, I simply couldn't hear him.

He sneered at me, waved goodbye, drove away, and didn't come back.

ABCotD fan Alison sent this in. She discovered it in an art supply store. Thanks, Alison!
(Reference: http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2012/09/sounds-better-than-whats-at-box-office.html)


  1. Chunky Horse has trance music as His ringtone.

  2. Does anyone else really want to know what kind of car it was? I'm thinking Chevy Aveo or maybe the Kia Rio.

  3. @ Architect -- I think it was this car....


  4. I think he was blasting trance music to get her hypotniez? And that way once she under the music spell he can do things to her.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, Blue's first joke!

  6. Sadly, I don't think s/he is joking, but rather speaking from experience...

  7. Could life get any sweeter? Discount Chunky Horse!

  8. Steve, I don't think so no one has been able to hypontiez me.

  9. @ Blue, stare deeeeeeeep into the Chunky Horse barcode.......

  10. Hmmm, maybe that's the real story behind Notorious B.I.G... He unsuccessfully tried to Hypnotize Blue Blue and got popped...

  11. lol steve that funny. and fizziks i rather not stare deeeeep at it

  12. Steve, you can hypontiez me any day! ;) Also, three cheers to Alison for finding that awesome Chunky Horse reference.


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