Story Sent in by Richard:

Phyllis and I had been together for almost a year when we took a vacation flight down to Florida for the first week of December. We were seated next to each other on the plane, and not long after the pilot turned off the seat belt sign, she stood and went to the bathroom in the rear of the aircraft.

When she didn't return for a while, I looked back to see if there was a line, and then I stood, myself, to see if I could spot her. She was nowhere in sight, and so I assumed that she was in the bathroom, and I'd just wait for her to come back.

A while later, when she still hadn't returned, I went to the back of the plane to check on her. Before I made it to the restrooms, I discovered her sitting next to and talking with another guy. When she saw me she became flustered and introduced him. Apparently, he was returning home to Florida, and she said that he had just struck up a conversation with her and that she had lost track of time.

I asked her if she planned to come back to sit with me anytime soon, and she said that she would. I went to the bathroom, myself, then returned to my seat.

Later into the flight, she still hadn't come back, and I returned to where she sat with this mystery guy and asked her if she'd come back to sit with me.

She apologized, said she lost track of time, and promised to be right back. I returned to my seat and waited.

She didn't return until the plane began its descent. I was miffed that she had spent the whole flight with some other guy, and told her so. She again apologized and said that she lost track of time.

From that point, our vacation went well, but less than a month later, she broke up with me and later moved to Florida to live with the guy she had met on the airplane. Last I heard, she's pregnant.


  1. ...pregnant with treachery.

  2. The OP reacted correctly and had a right to be upset that his girlfriend, on a plane ride to a planned vacation together, decided to spend the entire plane ride talking to another guy.

    At the same time, however, maybe Phyllis wasn't happy in the relationshp and didn't really want to go on the trip. Or she just really met a guy she liked better. Either way at least she left you prior to hooking up with the other guy. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you have moved onto a bright and happier future!

  3. Or maybe, just maybe, she was already cheating with this guy and he was in the process of moving to Florida and she just later followed along. Makes you wonder in a sitution like that.

  4. That just sucks, though. Man.

  5. Katie, she may have emotionally left him (if that is the case) but that doesn't excuse her behaviour at all. I mean, why go on holiday together if that's how she felt, why not just tell the truth? we'll never know but whatever the reasons OP deserved a little more respect.

  6. Her being preggo is definitely a sign that she's part of the Mile High Club. Congrats on dodging a slut. Here's to wishing her kid will smack some sense into her.

  7. I think its hard for some people to leave a relationshp even when emotionally they've checked out. People go on in emotionless marriages and relationships for lots of reasons: Social pressures, scared of being alone, monetary, etc. I will agree though, if you've checked out emotionally on a relationship, its time to move on.

  8. @JMG: Nice one!

    She agreed to that trip because, what do you do when you feel a relationship is dying? Bow out gracefully? Be honest with yourself and let the other person know how you feel? Nah, fuck it, I'm all in! If a week in Florida can't fix this thing, then nothing can and at least I get a week in Florida!

    10 minutes into the trip, she realizes what a huge fucking mistake this was and finds the nearest guy/emergency escape exit.

  9. KatieGirl, she didn't "leave OP prior to hooking up with the other guy." If she contacted Florida Dude after she broke up with OP, at the very least, they exchanged contact information after spending the whole plane ride talking together. This is emotional cheating, while she is still with OP. Steve cries FOUL!

    I do agree that she was probably unhappy in her relationship with OP though. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle that.

  10. What a crock of BS. How did they just happen to start a conversation on her way to the bathroom? I too hope her kid slaps some sense into her. Or, you know, tears her up real badly from V to A on the way out... poor OP. That shit would be hard to get over.

  11. I agree it sucks and she could have handled it better, but c'mon, he's rid of someone who didn't want him.

    Jared, if we were to embellish or replace details of stories, kind of like that children's game where you build a story out of sentences contributed serially, would you publish them?

    "I went back to the restroom and heard noises like a strangled rhinocerous issuing from within, and when my gf returned to her seat she had serious rug burn on her upper lip."

  12. You don't seriously think that they only had completely platonic conversations in the month before she moved in with him, do you? She moved to another state to live with this dude; I seriously doubt all of their conversations were about American Idol and knitting patterns.

    I agree with Steve: at bare minimum she was cheating for a month and it's possible she knew the guy on the plane before that.

  13. "he's rid of someone who didn't want him"

    Agreed. You're better off OP.


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