Pain in the Glass

Story Sent in by Pearl:

I accepted an invitation from Frank to have dinner at his apartment. He cooked for me and had set the table, but I noticed that he didn't put out glasses for us to drink out of, although he had poured the salad dressing into a wineglass.

When he served me my salad, he told me that I could pour salad dressing out of said wineglass. I asked him where our drinking glasses were, and he said they were coming. Once I was done putting the dressing on my salad, he poured a bit on his own, then disappeared with the wineglass into the kitchen. When he returned with it, it contained wine.

I asked him, "Do you just have the one glass?"

He said, "No. Here," and he placed the wine glass before me.

As he didn't have any kind of glass or mug in front of himself, I asked him, "What will you drink out of?"

He said, "Don't worry about it."

I sipped at the wine, then put it down. He then took it and drank from it, himself, then put it back in front of me. We had been dating for a little bit, but I'll confess that drinking out of the same wineglass at dinner was... odd.

When I finished my salad and took some more, he whisked the wineglass away and came back with it, filled once more with dressing.

I asked him, "You don't have any mugs or any other glasses? Or we could just use the bottle that the dressing came in for the... dressing."

He said, "Don't worry about it. It's no trouble."

I felt bad, but on the other hand, I felt that if he was fine using one glass for everything, then I guess it was okay.

But that was until, after the glass had been once again refilled with wine, and I had a sip, he took the glass from me, actually gargled with the wine, and spat it back into the same glass before putting it back in front of me. Clearly there was something more going on here that I just didn't understand, but I was pretty grossed out by that point and told him that I was done with dinner.

He took our plates away, asked me if I was done with the wine, and I told him that I was. He asked me if I was sure, and I reassured him that in fact I was very, very done with the wine.

He was weird in other ways, as I later found out, and we stopped seeing each other not too long after.


  1. It was a test to see where you drew the line with regards to swallowing body fluids.

  2. You can't just leave us with "He was weird in other ways, as I later found out...."! What the hell OP? We need to know that he liked to "snowball" with you post coitus. That he only had one wine glass, one coffee mug, one salad bowl, one shoe, one sock, one pair of underwear, and he rode around on a unicycle! We must know!

  3. ...one testicle, one kidney, one hemisphere...

  4. Dude just tried to make you swallow his spit and you didn't have any questions about that? How do you not question this? How is that not the last date?


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