Jog that Memory

Story Sent in by Antoine:

Lydia, who I met on a dating site, expressed an interest in meeting for tea, one evening. When we did, she offered to pay for both of our drinks. I thanked her, and we sat down together.

She told me first, "I'm not your typical woman. I jog way early in the morning."

I told her that there was nothing wrong with that. She then said that by "early in the morning," she meant around two or three A.M.

She said, "So I've got to cut tonight short. Want to make sure I get enough sleep."

It was around 7:30. I asked her, "When do you need to go?"

She said, "I should've been to bed a half-hour ago, but I can stick around for another minute."

I told her that I didn't mean to keep her out late and that we could've met up earlier, some other day. She said that she couldn't meet up any earlier, ever, because she had too many dentist appointments.

A couple of minutes later, she asked me if I'd walk her home. She lived really close by. We sat on her stoop and talked for a little while longer, and then she wished me a goodnight and went inside her house.

The next morning, I woke up to a text from her that read, "R U still outside?" It was sent at 5:03am. I texted back, "No," and that was the end of that.


  1. "...too many dentist appointments." Was this chick British, or was she Chunky Horse in disguise? Because he goes out galloping around 2-3 in the morning... With his chainsaw!

  2. God, how I laughed at this! Especially the text at the end. Hahahaha.


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