Massive Design Upgrade - 3/2013


I've upgraded to a nicer design. Things might still be out of sorts here and there for a little bit. Thanks for your patience! I hope you like it.

Also, if you discover any bugs, which is entirely possible, then please don't be shy.



  1. Not a prob, seems rather nice so far, I like it :D

  2. Thanks. After three and a half years, I was tired of it looking like a three-year-old made it.

    Which, given my penchant for skirting child labor laws, is entirely likely.

  3. You like children's skirts? What?

  4. That's how the JMG rolls Steve, that's just how he rolls.

  5. Don't think the "Reply" buttons are working quite right. And on older posts, the reply chains are all part of the regular thread.

  6. That's certainly the case. Hang tight on that one. It might be a while before I work it all out.

  7. I liked having the "Older post" "Newer post" links below the comments. That I could read down and then click to the next story. Food for thought.

    On a side note: Really appreciate JMG taking the time to ask for our feedback. Kind of makes me feel like the site is personalized just for us :D

  8. Well, I appreciate the readers and the feedback. I'll roll out more features in the not-too-distant future.

  9. So, now your site is tempting me to either get married or search for singles in my area. Definitely not getting married (once is wayy enough) and looking for singles, by the look on the poster-girl's face, I am not sure I'll return alive. Help me!

    J/k.. nice re-design. Love the site.. wouldn't care even if it was not slick... the stories more than make up for any site deficiencies.

  10. I come bearing a request for a sans font @-@ Other than that I like your redesign. It's a lot more efficient-looking. I like efficiency.


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