Love Extincts

Story Sent in by Marcos:

Michelle and I went on two dates, and from my perspective, they went well. After our second date, though, I received an email from her saying, very politely, that she didn't think we were a good match. I wrote her back a quick note to let her know that I respected her decision. I didn't press her for details, although I was definitely curious as to what wasn't right, for her. I guess it doesn't really matter.

I didn't expect her to reply to my message, and she didn't, for about a week. An email arrived from her that asked me if I wanted to hang out. I was a bit confused, as her last message to me seemed to be a gracious "have a nice life" kind of statement, but I didn't see any harm in meeting up again. I wrote her back to let her know that I was glad to hear from her, and that I'd be able to meet up when she wanted.

She wrote back to tell me that she had changed her mind, that she didn't want to meet up, after all, and that it was a mistake to have contacted me. Okay, then.

She called me that night to ask me, "Hey, what's up?"

At that point, I was thoroughly confused, although I was becoming less and less emotionally attached to her, so it didn't bother me as much as it should have. We made small talk for a bit, and then she said, "So, you're probably pretty confused, by now."

I confessed that I was.

She said, "I'd like to see you. When are you free?"

I had lunch open on the following day, and we arranged a time and place.

She didn't show up. I was growing tired of whatever game she was playing, and I wrote her a short, polite email to let her know that I thought we'd be better off simply not being in touch.

About an hour later, a rambling message arrived from her, demanding to know who I thought I was, how I could dare to speak to her that way, and blaming me for... well... read for yourself. Here's a quoted section of what she wrote:

"I expect you to be emotionally understanding and kind to me but I guess that's too much to expect. You do not need to treat me with such hostility nor do you have the right to do so.

"The dinosaurs were beautiful creatures who had spent millions of years becoming what they were. For you to tell me that you don't want to talk anymore is basically letting a meteorite slam into the earth and kill all the dinosaurs. Therefore, if you don't try to understand me then you have killed the dinosaurs and you yourself have admitted as much. They should not be dead but they are and you have that on your mind forever now. Because you are an emotional jackass."

So, yeah. It's my fault. Sorry about that.


  1. Someone call Jack Horner or Robert Bakker. They need to see this.

  2. I'm kinda glad OP got on that for the human race. Have you seen Jurassic Park? Dinosaurs are fucking scary!

  3. OP is a cuntwad for not wanting her scaly, cold-blooded, neural-bundle-in-the-butt-region love. Or something.

    Oh, the dinosaurs. So majestic.

  4. I can see why Michelle was hesitant to date the OP. Dude was the only human around when dinosaurs roamed the earth and he can control meteorites. Imagine what he can do the bedroom.

  5. LOL.
    @devil, best comment!

  6. Methinks Michelle has snorted too much iridium.


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