ABCotD Is Calling All Creatives

Are you a writer? Artist? Musician? Filmmaker? Are you running a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo?

We at A Bad Case of the Dates are big fans of creatives, so we're starting up a pilot program to help spread the word about you and your project(s).

We'll advertise your creative work on random pages of the site, in 336x280 or potentially larger ad block-sizes. If you're interested, email us a pitch of your project(s), any relevant websites, and we'll let you know if we think you're a good fit (we reserve the right to refuse to promote a project or to cancel a promotion at any time). If we decide to move ahead, we'll likely require a graphic from you that we can use to link to your site, Kickstarter, or whatever else. Also, it would need to say "In partnership with A Bad Case of the Dates" or "A Bad Case of the Dates recommends..." in order to clearly differentiate it from actual ads.

You may have already seen some ads for Gigantis Ache, a feature film project by ABCotD friend Emma Vandervest. You should check out her Kickstarter page and help her out.

How much does it cost? Nothing. We'll promote you for free. For now, at least. As mentioned, it's a pilot program. However, we'd appreciate a shout-out, a link, or some such thing.

Email us at abadcaseofthedates*at*gmail*dot*com and let's spread the word about how awesome you are.

Here's another example by our very own imaginative Nomatophobia:



  1. We need to start our screenplay for Chunky Horse!

    1. Agreed. Warner Bros. has already optioned it.

  2. I'm thinking Trashslut: A documentary.

  3. I'm thinking Male Gigolo: A Cockumentary

  4. JMG, please post this promptly and promote the bejeezus out of it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30760190@N06/8446521510/


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