Why So Serious Crack

Story Sent in by Christine:

On my date with Kevin, we were out to dinner and we were having a normal conversation until he asked me what part of the body I thought was the hottest.

I told him I thought it was the eyes, and I reflected the question right back at him. He told me to guess. I guessed eyes, mouth, face, and legs, and he told me that I was wrong, each time. I told him that I'd guess once more, and then he'd have to tell me. He agreed. I guessed the chest, and he told me that that wasn't it, either. I then asked him to tell me, since he promised he would.

He stood up, looked around at the sparsely-populated restaurant, then turned his back to me, pulled his pants down a little ways and showed me serious crack.

Someone at another table said, "Oh my God," and Kevin hiked up his pants and sat back down.

I had lost my appetite and could only look at him in disgust. He leaned toward me and whispered, "I thought about showing my balls."

I said, "You think that the hottest part of the body is the balls?"

"No... wait... no," he said, as if working through my logic.

I left shortly thereafter.


  1. I left shortly thereafter = I went back to his trailer and slept with him on a bed full of trash while his identical twin watched. Twice.

  2. Mmmmmmmm...Hairy, sweaty taint. That's what I'm talking about!

  3. M'm M'm!
    With a side of Frummunda cheese!


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