Try Using it to Go to the Bathroom

Story Sent in by Leigh:

Greg and I arranged to meet for dinner for our first date. He called me twice to let me know that he'd be late, but I was already there, at the restaurant, waiting for him. He didn't give me a reason for his lateness.

When he called a third time, he asked me if I had Skype on my phone, and if I'd be okay "Skyping him in" on my phone, across the table from me, for our date.

I told him, "If you can't make it, you can't make it. I'm not going to Skype you in."

"Why not? It'll be like I'm really there."

I said, "Because if I wanted a Skype date, I wouldn't have gotten all dressed up and ready and come out tonight."

He paused for a few seconds, then said, "Skype is probably the only way we're going to see each other tonight, and I really want to see you."

"If you really want to see me, then you should be here."

"I'll be there if you Skype me in."

"Forget it. Bye."

He roared, "If you hang up on me, I'll kill you."

I replied, "Do it through Skype," and hung up. I left as quickly as possible and of course, I never heard from him again.


  1. Well... that escalated quickly.

  2. I just got this freaky idea for a movie with this exact scene. It would be like a cross between Tron, The Ghost in the Machine, and Lawnmower Man! Throw in a little Chunky Horse and you've got awesome sauce all over the place!


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