In the Game of the Father

Story Sent in by Rosalinda:

I had gone out with Troy a couple of times, and on our third date, he invited me to some bonfire that his friends were having at their house in the countryside. The plan was for me to meet him at his house, park, and we'd go to the bonfire together in his car.

When I arrived at his house, he invited me in, and told me that he'd be ready to leave in about five minutes. He led me into his living room, where his dad was sitting and reading a book. His dad and I introduced each other, Troy said he'd be back, and he left me there, with his father.

Troy's father went back to his book, and I sat there, looking around for a bit. I made some small talk with Troy's father about the weather, and his father replied with "Yep," "Mmm hmm," and that was all I got out of him.

When about 10 minutes had gone by, I stood up, with the intent to look for Troy. Troy's father immediately growled, "Where are you going?"

I told him, "To look for Troy."

He said, "Sit down. He'll be back later."


"He went to go see his friends. You can wait here until he comes back."

I didn't understand what was going on, so I went for the front door to head outside. "Where are you going?" his father said, again, but I left anyway, without answering him.

Out in the front yard, I called Troy. He picked up and said, "Hello? Yeah, I'm having trouble hearing you."

I asked, "Troy, where are you? Are we going to this thing or what?"

"Yeah, can't hear you... hello?" and the connection went dead.

I tried him again, to no success. I had no idea if Troy was still even in his house or not, but I wasn't about to go back in and wait with his weird father. I waited in the front yard for a little bit, tried Troy again, and left him a message to let him know that I would be at Bishop's (a nearby coffee shop) to wait for him. I just didn't want to be at his house, anymore.

I waited at Bishop's for an hour. Luckily, I had brought a book with me. Troy didn't show up, and I went home.

He called me way after midnight, and I picked up. He said, "Hi. This isn't going to work out." He hung up, and that was the last I heard from him.


  1. It's interesting to me how many of these bad date stories start with some variation of "he invited me to a bonfire at his friend's house." There have been at least a dozen...

    Maybe it's all the same guy, doomed to perpetually invite girls to bonfires...

  2. A lot of these stories also involve someone being invited to an event involving family or friends. If it's your 2nd or 3rd date, that should be a flag that the person isn't really interested - if they can't be bothered to make time to spend just with you when you've only just met, walk away.

    1. Or they had a really good date and want to introduce the other person to their closest.

      Or they want to see how the other persons meshes with their friends because they are interested.

      Or they want a date that'll give them something to focus their talk on.

  3. I think its the case of someone who comes from a family where the men do as they please and the women are supposed to accept it. Or his father was a control freak. Why in the world the OP waited around for her date after his father obviously became upset at the fact that she didn't want to wait for him with his father (ie father knew about his plan to leave her there) is beyond me? Either way consider yourself lucky you dodged a bullet.

    1. Or maybe the time with his father was for him to get to know her or something. But once again, why did you stick around when you realized he had just left you there? Cut your losses and run for the hills!

  4. I believe the correct response to this situation is to take a dump on their front porch.

  5. You and his father introduced each other? To who?

    1. jared, please stop using jackassery in an attempt to divert attention from your recent sub par editing work on this blog. i noticed typos in each of the two entries i read today (muffin and this one).

      in other news, i offer you my editing services. cheers.

    2. Oh snap! I think Jared and nrrdcore need to go off and have some angry Hate Sex...

    3. Now there's a picture...

  6. I so don't get stories like this. Why all the subterfuge? If you don't like someone you've been out with a few times, just send them an email or text saying as much. If you're cowardly and don't like confrontation, just ignore the calls. Getting ignored is infinitely better than being ditched somewhere with someone you don't know.

    And what's up with the dad telling her to sit down and wait? Was he in on the dumping scheme and suppose to act as a diversion or did he just get involved so he had someone to ignore while he read a book?

  7. Am I the only one interested in what the dad was reading?

    1. yes. you are.

      1. from the sound of their exhange, it's doubtful that the father shared this information with the narrator, considering his dismissive, "mmmhmmm" in response to her comment on the weather.
      2. it's a perspective thing. the narrator doesn't seem to be have gotten close enough to the father to have seen the book's title.
      3. it's irrelevant. the only reason to include the title would to be to develop the father's character, but that has already been done (and done well) as much as is needed in such a short story.

      damn it, why did you make me think about this so much? so now it seems as if you are not the only one interested.

  8. Points to the OP for waiting only 10 minutes before getting up to see where her date was.
    Points deducted for waiting in a coffee shop for an hour after being ditched.

    I swear the only reason I come to this site is for the rare story in which the OP isn't a desperate dipshit and actually handles the bad date with balls. Cheers to those rare few. But this is NOT one of those stories.

  9. Anyone else think she may have been intended for his dad? We'll never know what he would've tried when he got to the end of that chapter...

    Anyway, I'm glad the OP got outta there.


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