Story Sent in by Christopher:

On my date with Zoe, she was snippy and rude. She would ask me about an obscure fact ("Do you know what the 10th tallest building in the world is?" "Why are lions called lions?") and when I didn't know the answer, she'd ask, "Are you an idiot or something?" She also told me that I couldn't order anything off the poultry or vegetarian sections of the menu (and refused to give me a reason) and when our food came, she helped herself to my plate without asking.

When I finally asked her, "Why are you behaving like this?" she at first replied, "Because you're an idiot maybe? A stupid idiot?"

When I pressed her again, she said, "Uh, because you're my scapegoat date. I can't say these things to the actual guy I want to say them to, but I have to say them to some guy. You've never heard of a scapegoat date? Stupid moron."

"Uh, but I'm really not the guy you want to say these things to. I'm a totally different guy who hasn't wronged you. At all."

"I know that, you stupid, stupid idiot. But I can't say these to the guy I want to, and it's bad to keep these feelings inside. I'm sorry, but this is how it'll have to be. But just for tonight. Next time, I should be better. Promise."

"Huh. Well, okay—"

"You fat, stupid moron."

Yeah. No second date.


  1. OP are you a glutton for punishment? WTF did you continue with the date after she started insulting you and forbid you to order off of sections of the menu? Excercise your free right and leave.

    Wow, you must be a sucker for pain.

  2. This is sounding a lot like the male version of Trashslut.

    OP, I'm giving you the same advice I gave her: Please, PLEASE take a break from dating and think about why you're treating yourself this way! You are better than this.

  3. if i was you op, i have ordered something off the section she said not to order off and then scarf down the meal and then leave and have her have to pay the bill.

  4. I love baggage, it follows you everywhere, but only until you let it go.

    This woman is a twit.

  5. Reminds me of my date with BostonChick...

  6. LOOOOOOL at Trashslut!!! Simply epic, Ellendra.

    And yeah, how did OP not go off on this bitch, or throw a drink in her face? You realize that by allowing people to behave in such a way, you help reinforce their f'd up mindset that this behaviour is okay.

  7. At least he called her out on her behavior. It seems like a lot of people on here don't actually say anything about how their dates are acting.

  8. I can only assume she was super hot and had amazing cleavage going on. Otherwise, take out your tampon and be a man!


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