Check Yourself Before You Geck Yourself

Story Sent in by Peter:

Maggie and I were out on a stroll at a nature center, on our first date. She asked me if we could see the geckos at the main building, as they were her favorite.

One of the geckos had a purple tail. She told me, which I knew already, that some geckos had tails that would break off in case of a predator attack. "I want a necklace of gecko tails," she told me, "Do you think they sell them in the gift shop?"

When we were in the gift shop, she asked the man behind the desk, "Do you sell gecko tail necklaces?"

The man said no, and Maggie then asked, "Then do you sell just standalone gecko tails? I can make a necklace out of them, myself."

The man said no, again. Maggie then asked, "So what do you do with the gecko tails that fall off? You don't just throw them away, do you?"

The man said, "I don't know, but we definitely don't make necklaces out of them."

Maggie turned to me and said, "Nature centers suck. Let's go."

We left and had lunch at a Chili's. She ordered a salad and when it arrived, she grabbed a clump of lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes with her fork and asked me, "Does this look like gecko tails to you?"

I told her it didn't. She then ate it and said, "It tastes like gecko tails."

"You've eaten gecko tails?" I asked her.

"Let's go back to that nature center. I bet they'd give us a gecko tail if we asked for one."

I said, "How about we don't?"

She replied, "You suck. Let's just be friends."

We've actually managed to remain acquaintances, since then, but we haven't really seen much of each other.


  1. I think I dated this person. When I was 14.

  2. Mayhaps she was a witch, and needed a gecko tail to brew a love potion?

  3. Also, any chick crazy enough to be interested in wearing lizard appendages around her neck is probably the same that would like to keep your, *ahem*, appendages in a jar on the nightstand.

  4. At least she wasn't after Chunky Horse tails. Last person that tried to get one of those... Well, it wasn't pretty. But I saw a movie about it once, late one night on HBO.

  5. You guys obviously aren't up on your chic French fashion. Gecko tails are all the rage in Paris this season!


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