Four Less Years

Story Sent in by Maria:

Keith stood me up on our first date, and so I didn't contact him or think that I'd ever hear from him again. We met online, and in any event, he had wanted to meet up sooner than I would've suggested it.

Four years to the day that our date was, I received a call from a number I didn't recognize. I picked up and the caller said, "Maria? It's me, Keith. How are you?"

"Keith? Keith who?"

He spent the next minute explaining it to me. I barely remembered him, but he said, "Four years ago, we arranged a date, and I kept your number, and for some reason, I had it in my calendar for today. I must've mis-entered the year. So, how've you been?"

Turns out, we were both still single, and even though I had moved since then, I wasn't too far away. He asked if he could take me out for a drink, to make up for the misunderstanding, and I thought, why not?

We ended up meeting at a centrally located bar and had a nice time. It ended well enough and he asked me if I'd want to meet again, and I said that I would.

He called me a couple of days later, we picked out a date and place, and it was all set.

He stood me up again. I texted him to ask if he had accidentally mis-entered the information again, but I didn't hear back from him.


  1. You will. Such are the Time Lords.

    1. Niiiiiiice, dude.

      Only the Doctor could make a genuine mistake like that with a calendar, and then assume that she'd still go out with him. And of course, she did...

  2. I think I may have dated this guy. Either way, he sounds crazypants.

  3. It took him four years to forget you looked like a C.H.U.D. Don't worry, he'll forget again in another four years.

    Seriously though OP, this guy was a loser. Thumbing through his "black book" after a break-up and calling people he stood up four years ago.

  4. Who remembers that a date fell '4 years to the day? That's obsessive, desperate and sad at the same time.

    1. I get the sense that it was something he explained when he called. "You're not gonna believe this, but I put the wrong YEAR in my calendar, and I'm just seeing it now."

  5. Can I delete my last comment?
    One of my friends told me that she never gives benefit of doubt to people online. I was like how does it make a difference you met them online or not. I guess she is right to do that.

    1. I guess it is easier to hide age/weight/unsightly mole online vs someone you bump into in a bar. I have to say, it worked out for me though!

  6. He got desperate, called you up, saw that you were hideous, remembered why he stood you up in the first place, then stood you up again.

    Classic case of "oh shit, what have I done?!"

  7. So, he enters the wrong date on his calendar after asking to meet this woman, and is so completely reliant on his calendar that he doesn't even think, "Hmm, wasn't I supposed to meet that Maria girl sometime?"

    Yeah, I'm gonna say it's the OP's fault for going out with him. She really couldn't see how improbable that whole scenario is?


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