Duck Hunt

Story Sent in by Nicoletta:

Peter and I were out on a beautiful sunny day. We strolled by a pond in a local park and watched the ducks and geese.

Peter asked me, "Have any bread on you?"

I didn't, so we walked to a grocery store, bought a loaf, and returned to the pond. We each took about half of the slices, then tore off bits of bread and tossed them to the birds. Soon, the birds came out of the water and waddled over to us.

We backed away a bit as the birds closed in and I tried throwing my bread bits further away, but the birds seemed to know where the source of the bread was, and they were coming for us.

It didn't help that Pete, instead of throwing the bread further away from us, as I was, instead threw the bread right at our feet.

"Pete!" I said, "Throw it further away."

He then gave me a dastardly grin and threw bread, rapid-fire, at me. The birds flocked closer toward me, and I screamed and ran, but not before tossing the rest of my bread at Pete's feet.

I didn't turn back, but I heard him shout, "No! No!" and then the next thing I knew, he was bolting past me, leaving the geese, the park, and me behind. He didn't come back, but at least we had both outrun the geese.


  1. Geese are the harbingers of Chunky Horse.

  2. For Christ's sake people, they're geese. It wasn't like they were crocodiles..... Although that would be cool. But then you'd probably have to throw little bits of geese to feed them.


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