Not Worth the Featherweight

Story Sent in by Esther:

While we walked around a town square on our first date, Darrell asked me if I liked wearing outfits with lots of feathers. I told him I didn't, and that I didn't think I owned anything in my wardrobe that included feathers in it.

Then, he asked, "Would you? Wear something with feathers."

"Uh... probably not. It would be itchy."

"Come on. You wouldn't ever?"


"Come on."


"Do it!"

"Darrell! No!"

"Fine!" he yelled, then pounded on ahead, like I had just dealt him a mortal insult. He clearly didn't want to be followed, and that was my shortest date ever.


  1. Damn, now people have bird fetishes? I learn so much from this blog.

    1. Too much Sesame Street as a kid. She would have to be Big Bird and he could show her his Mr. Snuffleupagus.

    2. That's kinky... since Big Bird is a boy and Snuffaluphagus is a girl.

    3. Because I had nothing else to do and it sounded off, I Googled it. Snuffleupagus is totally a boy. His first name is Aloysius.

  2. Esther? Darrell? What era are they from?

    1. Don't forget about his other brother Darrell.

  3. Whew, I thought this one was gonna be more... well, just more. Kinda glad it ended here.


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