He Had a Bad Experience with Yoda

Story Sent in by Elizabeth:

Marcus saw my profile pics and we talked online before our date, so he had no reason to complain. But when we met in person, the first words out of his mouth were, "Really? That's it? You ain't nothing!"

Now, I'm pretty short, even by average woman standards. But although my height never came up in any of our pre-date talks, I stated my height (just under 5') on my profile. It should not have been a surprise for him.

When I pressed him, "What are you talking about?" he replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't date a woman I can stuff into a trash can. Real sorry. No offense. Long story."

I had no idea what kind of "long story" would involve insulting me before our date ever really began, but I took his word for it, shrugged, and said, "Okay," then left.

Any ideas?


  1. So according to Marcus, if a person is under 5', they "ain't nothing!"? I pray that dude doesn't have a kid. He's either going to not acknowledge them or stuff them into a trash can.

    1. Oops..forgot to address the theory of why Marcus bailed out. I doubt it was the height issue. Most men have no problem with shorter women.

      The OP either had old pictures on her profile (possible) or Marcus is one of those men that thinks he deserves a supermodel despite the fact that he's not a supermodel.

  2. "Long story" means "I want to seem sophisticated but I'm too lazy to come up with anything".

  3. You must be dating bottom of the barrell guys. In my opinion, short girls are pretty damn cute and would in probably most cases, appeal to that old fashioned chivalry in a man. (the chance to be the protector). Although I am speaking for old-fashioned myself. My girlfriend I met on okcupid, is 15 years younger and 5'. I adore her and love opening doors, helping her in and out of my truck, holding chairs, and just loving beautiful shy her. Shes lived with me for the last 2 years and I have enjoyed every second.
    The moral of the story, you need to keep trying. There are men out there who will love and adore you and being small is a plus.

    1. Or she could, you know, date a guy who regards her as an equal irrespective of height.

    2. Oh boy, here we go.
      I do things for my girlfriend because I love the hell out of her. Sure she could make her own breakfast or dinner but I do things like that to show how much I care and make her feel doted on. Not because I don't think of her as an equal. I'm pretty sure Morrowrd has the same reason and is not an anti-feminist, privileged, misogynistic male.

    3. "My girlfriend I met on okcupid, is 15 years younger and 5'. I adore her and love opening doors, helping her in and out of my truck,"....adjusting her car seat, helping her with her chicken tenders from the kids menu, all the usual stuff.

    4. She's 32, I'm 47 - shes legal.

      After a 23 year toxic marriage, I started dating with high hopes. Although many of the dates I met from the online dating sites were stories I could share on here. And the worst one happened just before I met this girl. I saw her picture and read her profile and she was pretty firm about her age preferance. (she was 30 and was interested in 28 - 35) I wrote her anyway and the correspondance back and forth went on for almost two months before I dared to ask her out. I was surprised when we met at how cute she was. Very short, blonde, pretty, cute voice, sweet personality, intelligent, and so sincere. She was extemely shy too, kind of reminded me of the sister in the Incredibles who hides behind her hair.

      Anyway, a few dates later, she was sitting with me in front of my fireplace in the "mancave" and I asked her to be my girlfriend. To make a long story short, it has been two of the best years of my life. She is so affectionate, and I love it.

      Good luck to the rest of you

  4. Let's see.....do I go with the "That beard and battle ax kind of threw him off", or "He just wasn't into 13 year old girls", or "The guy was was just a straight up moron because short girls are awesome!"

  5. Yeah, this guy's just a weirdo... Petite women are fun!

  6. I love small women who go up on me. Or spinning them around like a top during coitus.


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