The Soporific Vacancy

Story Sent in by Grady:

Amanda and I were seeing each other for a few weeks and she invited me to her apartment for a candlelit dinner. It sounded really good to me, as I had a good idea as to what followed a candlelit dinner.

I brought wine, and we sat down together on her couch in the dimly-lit living room. She had set out two plates of chicken and vegetables, and boy, did everything look good.

She asked, "Do you mind if we start with a prayer?"

She hadn't ever struck me as religious, but I certainly didn't want to begrudge her that, so I said, "No problem."

She clasped her hands together, sat back against the couch, put her head down, and shut her eyes. I waited patiently. Then, after a few minutes, she began to snore.

I lightly shook her and called her name. She moaned, turned away from me, and seemingly went right back to sleep. I jostled her a few more times and said her name. She took a pillow and put it over her head, as if to block me out. I said, "I'm going to start on dinner," and so I did. It was good, despite being a little cold by that point.

Once I was done, I cleaned off my plate in her kitchen, put her plate in the fridge, found a blanket, put it over her, blew out the candles, and left.

Didn't hear from her again.


  1. wow... she missed out.

  2. Wow just wow, you sir seem like a nice guy,you deserve better.

  3. Maybe she has narcolepsy? That doesn't explain why she never called back though. Sounds like the old elaborate brush off. Those never make any sense to me - just stop calling the person.

  4. At least she didn't fall asleep on you during secks...

  5. I'm guessing drugs. Could be as simple as she was feeling sick and took some Nyquil, or she was nervous about the date and took valium or similar to calm down and overdid it. She never contacted the OP again because she's too embarassed.

  6. ^So she was sick, took some Nyquil (or something) and just happened to fall asleep right when she wanted to pray? A sleep that she couldn't be roused from at all? That's all a little too coincidental and far fetched.

    She did it to be weird and blow him off. End of.

  7. Seems like she was trying to get rid of him. I love that he stayed and ate dinner anyway.


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