The Master

Story Sent in by Cammie:

Kenneth knew that I liked dogs, so he brought me out to a dog park as part of our first date. There were all kinds of dogs running around, and I had a great time, running with them, petting them, and avoiding poop as I played.

Not long after we made it there, he motioned me over to him and said, "We're attracting some strange looks, since we're not here with a dog."

I remarked, "So? We're having a good time, and that's not illegal."

He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a black leash and collar. "Would you put these on?" he asked.

I thought he was joking, and I laughed, a bit uncomfortably. However, he was most certainly not joking. He held them up to me, after looking around like I embarrassed him, and said, "Please."

"Are you for real? I'm not putting those on. You put them on."

"Please. Please..."

I shook my head, then ran after some other dogs. He came after me and said, a bit louder, all while holding the leash and collar out to me, "Please... please! Put them on... put them on!"

Finally, I got tired of his act and I said, "You know, now you're the one embarrassing me! I'm not putting on your stupid dog collar, so put them away or screw you."

His face crumpled into itself, like he was about to start crying, and I turned to go play with the dogs some more. He took off, and I never saw him again.


  1. I think that the gentleman had some sort of sexual fetish and wanted to act it out. That is all find and good, but check with the other party to be involved before you pull out the freaky.

    1. Yeah, seriously, the number of stories that clearly involve people who have a kink and who're going about getting their special itch scratched in the most idiotic possible way is kind of depressing. Finding people who're game for something new or weird can be hard, but I'd say that your success is, to a great extent, determined by whether you seem like a cool person with a functional understanding of reasonable social boundaries and basic manners.

      Springing your kink on somebody under some kind of a lame-ass pretense? Doesn't qualify.

  2. There's an quip that's so doggone obvious that to write it gives me paws; damned if Fido, damned if I don't, so I dogress.

  3. And dogs think fleas are bad? Ewe, I would have freaked. What was he thinking?! Who does that?!
    If I were her I would of walked home. He probably would have asked her to keep her head out the window.

  4. OP sounds like a bit of a jerk. If she didn't want to do it, okay. But what she was doing seemed to be bugging him, too. Both of them have their issues; I don't think it's all the dude's fault.


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