A Links to the Past

Story Sent in by Aline:

George said he wanted to take me golfing on our first date. I informed him, at least three or four times, that I had never golfed before. He said, "Oh, it's the easiest thing in the world to pick up. You'll be fine."

Once we ended up on the green together, it was crystal clear that I was beyond bad. Still, he was very patient and helpful, even though I felt like an idiot the entire afternoon.

In the clubhouse, afterward, George introduced me to several of his golfing friends and we all had an early dinner. George had a few too many martinis, and when one of his friends asked how George and I did out on the links, George said, "I came in just a few over. But Aline f#ckin' sucked!"

He then applauded for me, and his friends joined in, which was the most surprising – and embarrassing – of all.

I gestured at George and said, "Well, if my brilliant teacher didn't force me to only use the driver for every shot, then maybe I would've done a bit better. Excuse me."

That shut everybody up, and all eyes went to George. I stood up and walked out on them. The bit about the driver wasn't true, but I wasn't about to let him escape completely with humiliating me in front of strangers.


  1. I find it hard to believe that that 'weak comment' would have shut everybody up. You don't know what this means, but you should taken a Mulligan and tried another comment... because as soon as you left, I'm sure they all burst out laughing at you for being a poor sport.

  2. Story sent in by George:

    I took this Aline girl out to play golf because I love golf and wanted to get her to do something new. I also enjoy teaching people so I thought it would be fun.

    We had a blast and met up with some of friends. We started drinking and I made a joking comment about how poorly she did.

    She got incredibly pissy, probably because she was on her period. She made up some lie about using a driver the whole time and then stormed off. She was rude and immature, so I definitely won't call her again.

  3. Seems like an overreaction.. and also a weird lie.

  4. I agree with Shoe and Jason. Granted George's comment was a little crass, but you were hanging with his golf buddies and a pack of guys can definitely be pretty crass. Overall, a bad exit on what could have been a fun date.

  5. I don't know, I think a lot depends on his expression when he was "applauding" her. If it was kind of sneering or mocking, I can see why the OP would be upset. If he was just going for some gentle ribbing, then I agree it was an overreaction.

    Also, woo! LoZ reference!

  6. So the OP sucks at golf, admits she sucks at golf but then gets pissed/embarrassed when some near strangers joke about her sucking at golf? Hmm...yeah, not getting how the date was an ass here.

    Oh, and I really do think the huffy comment the OP supposedly made before stalking out was thought up after the date was over.

  7. I think golf for a first date is one of the stupidest ideas ever. I give the OP credit for even trying.

  8. I think everyone saying she overreacted is someone I wouldn't want to hang out with. Some people don't like being insulted, under the guise of 'teasing' or not. I'm so much Team OP I could be the OP.


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