Step in Time

Story Sent in by Jose:

I was early to my date with Theresa, and so I waited for her on a bench outside of the restaurant where we were due to meet.

At 6:58pm, two minutes before we had arranged to be there, she showed up greeted me, then glanced at her watch.

"Shit!" she said, her mouth open wide, "I'm two minutes early!"

"It's okay," I replied, a bit taken aback by how shocked she seemed to be at her earliness.

"It's not," she replied, "I don't want you to get the wrong idea about the kind of girl that I am. Wait here."

With that, she hurried off at a power walk down the sidewalk and around the corner. Unable to do anything but wait for her, I stuck around until she returned, at 7:05.

"Hey," she said, then glanced at her watch again. "Damn it! I'm late, now! Well, the evening is ruined."

I let a short laugh slip. "The evening isn't ruined. I'm just glad that you're here. Let's go inside–"

She stomped on my foot as hard as she could, in her high heel. It didn't hurt me too much, but she must have hit me at a bad angle, because it seemed to hurt her quite a bit.

She said, "Ow! Asshole! Guess the evening's ruined now, isn't it?" and she stormed away. To this day, I have no idea what she was thinking.


  1. She probably just wanted an easy escape route. One where you'd be too scared of her to reschedule.

  2. I'll go with Occam's Razor, in that the simplest explanation with the fewest assumptions is the best one:

    I always think that the women in these sorts of stories take one look at their date and try to come up with a way to end the date quickly.

    OP's probably an uggo.

  3. The least you can do when your date turns out to be an uggo is be polite and go through with the date then inform them that it won't work out but they seem nice and you wish them all the best. Unless you fear for your safety; in which case you run.

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  5. She either wanted to do ditch the date or was some OCD compulsive freak. There are some people who are such perfectionist OCD compulsive people that this would have been a sources of great distress. Stomping on your date is bad form anyway so it seems like the OP got off easy.


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