Story Sent in by Sara:

Carl and I stopped in a local university's art gallery during our first date. While I considered each painting, sculpture, and installation, then moved on, he was fixated on a small statue of two nude lovers embracing, but wearing big propellers on their heads. It was well-made, although I didn't understand the concept, but Carl studied it from almost every angle for close to a half-hour.

Finally, I approached him and asked, "You really like this one?"

He replied, "Maybe you can help me figure out how they do it. With both of their propellers going, they'd collide with each other."

"They probably tilt their heads back. I guess."

He left me standing there and hurried to the gift shop. I followed him there, and found him looking around for something.

He said, "I'm looking to see if they sell those propeller hats, here."

I asked, "Why would they do that?"

He replied, "It's an iconic piece of art. I mean, it's the centerpiece of the gallery."

I gave him a funny look. "It's a piece by a senior thesis student among a Bearden, a Hopper, and a loaned Warhol. It's good, but hardly a centerpiece."

He stepped close and said, "Aren't you even the least bit curious to try it with those hats on? You're an artist, right? You can make them, if they don't sell them, here."

"You want to do it with propeller hats on?"

"Wouldn't you?"

I stepped away from him. "Uh... no."

He nodded. "Because our propellers will collide, right?"

"It's a little early to be talking about how we're going to have sex."

He said, "Yeah, but just for me to imagine back home later on, just a yes or no, would you be cool doing it with a propeller on?"


"Damn it," he said, then walked out of the museum store. I took a few steps to follow him, then stopped. I turned instead to some of the little trinkets they had on sale, suddenly finding them more interesting than any more time spent with Carl.

When he came back, he asked, "Am I on a date with myself, here? Come on. Let's go."

I replied, "You go on ahead. I'm going to check out some of this stuff."

Without a word, he turned and ran out of the gift shop and museum. The date was over, and I was fine with that.

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