Water You Doing?

Story Sent in by Jerry:

I met Angela on a dating site, and our first date was at a restaurant. She showed up 15 minutes late without any kind of apology or explanation. That alone was a strike against her, but once we sat down, she asked me, "Had any luck with online dating?"

That's a bad question to ask. It's like asking, "Met anyone else you clicked with?" on a first date.

I replied, "Well, I've met you."

She rebuffed my compliment. "But have you met anyone else you got along with?"

I replied, "A couple of people. You?"

She asked, "So you're saying you had sex with other people? From online?"

I had, in fact. But it seemed like a poor time to mention it. Instead, I said, "I've met other people and sometimes it's worked out for a few dates and sometimes it hasn't."

She said, "So you've had sex with people you've met online, then."


"All right, then."

She reached for her water glass and spilled it onto the table so that the water would pour in my direction. I shouted, and as I mopped it up with my napkin, she fled from there, and I never heard from her again. I suppose I should count myself lucky that we hadn't ordered food.

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  1. Maybe you met one of her friends on line and didn't know it.


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