Something's Cracked

Story Sent in by Dorrie:

I met Paul online, and our first date was short. We met in a park and he, a big guy, gave me an unexpected, large, bear hug. He then laughed and slammed a fist into his hand and said, "Ha, ha! You're so small, I bet I could smash your head between my fists like a stack of Saltine crackers!"

I asked, "Why would you say that?"

He said, "Just putting it out there, in case you were planning to try something."

I asked, "What could I possibly do to warrant the threat, let alone, the action?"

He sighed. "I dunno. Let's just do dinner, all right?"

"No thanks." I hurried back to my car. I heard him say something behind me that sounded like, "bitch," but I'd say that's preferable to being caught. between his fists.


  1. Finally somebody who is out of there in the first red flag. Good.

    1. Word. (I can't believe how many people stick around despite numerous red flags.)

    2. Yeah, but that's one Hell of a red flag. Even the more out there stories don't usually start off with a clear threat of physical violence.

  2. ^^^.

    But would she kick him out of bed for smashing crackers?

  3. alot of young guys have no idea how to treat a woman.

  4. OP dodged a bullet there.


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