Brace to the Finish

Story Sent in by Larry:

Andrea and I went to a crafts store on our first date, one that had a jewelry-making class. It was sparsely attended: just the two of us, the instructor, and one other girl were there for the crafting, but we went in with enthusiasm, nonetheless.

It was meant for novices, and so the instructor started us on using hard, plastic beads. We started with making bracelets, and as the instructor went on about color compliments and patterns and such, I took an interest in Andrea's project.

When I queried her about it, though, and even on topics unrelated to bracelet-making, she remained curiously quiet, like I had said something insulting earlier in the evening, although I had done nothing of the sort. She shot some pretty venomous glances at the instructor, at least it looked that way, but it's possible that I misinterpreted them.

As I finished tying my bracelet closed, Andrea pointed to my yellow and purple-beaded work and asked me, "Who's that for?"

"You," I replied, and I meant it. I couldn't see myself wearing such a bracelet.

Andrea gave the instructor a heated stare, flared her nostrils, breathed heavily, then turned back to me and said, "Well, it sucks!" and she ripped it out of my hands, threw it on the floor, stomped on it, threw her own bracelet down on the table, and stormed out of the shop.

I was shocked by the explosion. The instructor and the other student watched Andrea leave, then looked at me, without a word.

My bracelet was a little scratched but otherwise just fine. The hard plastic we used didn't easily shatter. I opted to remain in the shop, rather than follow Andrea out, and when I asked the instructor and other student if they wanted to order in, since I was supposed to have been out to dinner anyway, they agreed, and so we all ate together.

I didn't end up dating the other student (or the instructor), but at least I made a couple of new friends out of the whole, weird affair.


  1. Im going to bet on andrea having jealousy issues, maybe with the op and the instructor?

  2. I would LOVE to hear the other side of this one.

  3. How dare the OP arrange a date in a place with other girls! My guess is that Andrea would accuse the OP of flirting with the waitress if they had gone to a cafe.

    Although what guy really arranges a first date in a craft store?

    1. I dunno - a guy looking for something different than the usual dinner/movie?

      A guy who might have picked up clues from his prospective date about liking crafts? About liking jewelry? About trying a first date out of the ordinary?

    2. Fair enough :) The hot shop owner was entirely a coincidence :P

    3. Where did they say that the owner was hot...??

    4. For that matter, where did it say that the instructor was female?

    5. For that matter, where did it say that the instructor was the shop OWNER??

    6. For that matter, where did it say that the instructor wasn't a MONGOOSE?

  4. Rebuttal: Larry seemed like a sweet guy. He suggested something different for our first date: a jewelry craft class. When we walked in the female instructor gave me a hateful look, but I brushed it off. A few minutes into the class and after several time exchanges looks, the instructor tore her clothes off and she and Larry began to make love on the table. I gave an awkward look to the third student in the room. She looked confused, but joined the love-making session. I, taking, the high road, gently set my bracelet that I had made for Larry next to his head and bid them adieu.


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