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I am a vegetarian bakerchef who completes his food from start to finish. You give me a recipie I will have it down in minutes. I can cook foods lightning quick. I am working in two restaurants and soon will open a 3rd. It is call Home Run. Home Run Restaurants.

I am looking for a woman who will be there for me when I am down such as when feds come in to close restaurants (Home Run) because they find out I am using illegal aliens (not from space!) in the back rooms. They are just love to cook and I want to help them be cooks. Soon I will open a 3rd restaurant. I make vegetarian foods in my restaurant but if you want meat than you can bring it yourself (JOKING) I will make it for you. I make other things. Home Run Restaurants. Other than vegetables but not in my Home Runs Restaurants.


  1. All of his legal alien chefs are from Zeta Reticula.

    1. Most of the illegal ones are from Stavromula Beta. Those Stavromulans, constantly taking good Earthling jobs.

  2. "They are just love to cook", I couldn't' stop laughing at that.

  3. illegal Aliens? "Dey turk err jurbs!!!"

    @Syn: yeah, some people actually think like that. My grandfather owned a few companies who's light-industrials jobs were mostly staffed by illegals, and he paid them much less than an American would expect to be paid. His rational was always something like "I don't have to pay them much, they just love working hard."

  4. You hire illegal aliens because you can pay them lower than minimum wage. And you probably make them work 80 hour weeks. Admit it. You are doing it only for your own profits, not from the kindness of your heart to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a chef.


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