Assault and Butter

Story Sent in by Sandra:

Jason and I were dating for a bit over a month when he invited me to his house for dinner. I planned to whip up a salad and he was cooking chicken and hash browns. There was ample space in his kitchen for the both of us, but he kept bumping into me, teasing me with a smile, saying, "Watch what you're doing!" and so on. No reason to think that it would be anything other than a great night.

Then, at one point, he sprayed a pan with spray-on butter. As I watched, he emptied close to half the can all over it. I asked, "Got enough of that in there?"

I was joking around, but then he turned the spray can onto me and sprayed it, full force, into my face.

I stumbled backward but he was relentless. Without a word, he came after me, spray can in hand, and kept coating me, mostly in my face, but ultimately all over with it.

"Stop! Stop!" I yelled, but he didn't. I was covering my face, but he tore my arms away and stuck the nozzle right in so that the butter shot into my mouth and nostrils.

I shoved him away, wiped my face with a napkin, and stood up from where he had pinned me against a wall. Then, he went at it again, and I picked up a nearby vase.

"Do it again, and I'll break this over your head!" I yelled.

He stepped back, gave me a look like I had killed his entire family, then said, "Leave. Now."

I went for the salad ingredients I had brought, but he stepped into my way and pointed toward his door.

I said, "I'm grabbing my stuff. If you keep them from me, I'll call the police."

He stepped out of the way, I grabbed my bowl, wiped my face with a dish towel, then booked it out of there and never heard from him again.


  1. That sounds very rapey, rapey with a butter fetish.

  2. Agreed. What a nut! He could have hurt you, getting it in your nose and everywhere.

  3. I think what she said was enough. She handled herself extremely well.

  4. Yikes, psycho alert.
    Glad she did the right thing: getting out off there.... but not without her belongings. Kudos


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