It's a Tough Job Market for Everyone

Story Sent in by Danny:

I took Susan out to a really nice hotel buffet for our first date. As we ate and spoke, she shook her long red hair around, then ran her hands through it, then took out a brush and brushed it.

Her hair had looked fine, and I asked her, "Do you have a knot or tangle or something?"

"Yeah," she replied, "I'm sorry, it's driving me nuts "

She excused herself and made for the bathroom. I picked at my food until she returned. She had an application with her, and she pulled a pen out of her purse and filled the application out, right there at the table.

She said, "It's an application to work here. Seems like a fun place, doesn't it?"

She diligently filled it out right there, in the middle of our date. I asked her, "You did some Americorps work, right?" in an effort to steer us back to the date.

She replied, "I'll put that down here. Don't worry."

"No, I mean, I was curious about it."

"Hold on. I have to finish this application." She pulled out her phone and called a number. A moment later, into the phone, she said, "Mom, I need you to bring me a copy of my resume. I have them stacked up on my desk. Beneath the koala. Yeah, can you bring one here? Yes, now. Thanks."

She hung up, then stood and said, "I'll be right back. My mom's meeting me outside with something."

I asked, "Can't she call you when she arrives? You don't want to wait in here with me?"

She said, "Then my phone would ring at the table and that would be rude. Back in a few!"

She left me there and didn't come back for a while. I thought about paying for the whole thing and just leaving, but that would have required that I pay for the whole thing. I had planned on it at first, but I had also not counted on Susan being so rude. So wait I did.

She came back with a smile but without an apology. "I gave it to the manager. He said he'd let me know!"

She picked at her food, then said, "This food is cold."

"You were gone a while," I reminded her, "It okay if we split this?"

She gave me a look as if to say that it was anything but okay. Still, she agreed, and as I had already thrown in the towel at that point, I didn't have much else to say for the rest of dinner.

On our way out, though, she stopped me and said, "I have a question for the manager. Be right back!"

She tapped my wrist and scampered away. Once she was gone, I left. I think I had already indulged her enough, by that point. I half-wonder if I ever go back there if she'll be the one cutting the turkey or doling out mashed red potatoes.


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  1. Sounds like a very passive aggressive means of ending a date.

    Good for you for not paying.

  2. If you mean the girl, you're giving her too much credit, chilledogg.

  3. See, this is why I take my first takes out for coffee or ice cream, not a full dinner. That way if there's no chemistry, we can just LEAVE, instead of being stuck together and trying various coping mechanisms.


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