Think You Could Gain it Quicker?

Email Sent in by Sim:


  1. Dead pool is a little too hardcore for me, but I'm up for a round of comatose billiards anytime.

  2. Aside from having some off interests, I don't understand...what's the problem with this one?

  3. I have to agree with nomatophobia, sure there's a few areas for improvement in spelling and grammar but nothing too insane.

  4. I agree that at first this one seemed pretty tame, but when I got to the "I'm a strong satanist" part and where he claims satanism is about protecting your fellow man, yeah that's kinda crazy. If you're a strong Satanist and proud of it, that's fine. Thanks for sharing your beliefs early, as I do not agree and we won't go very far in a relationship if that's the case. But don't pretend it's all about protecting and loving your fellow man. One of the main basis of Satanism is to mock Christians and the Christian religion. Satanists are generally atheists who take it a step further in their hatred of Christianity.

    1. I agree completely, that's why I'm a Pastafarian instead.

    2. Come to think about it a large school of thought in Satanism is actually looking out for yourself at the expense of others. Also I think he was referring to Dead Pool the hilarious comic book character.


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