Raisin Cain

Story Sent in by Austin:

Jenny invited me to her apartment for our third date (the first two had been nice enough), and she said that she had some fun activities planned. The first thing she did was grab a small box of raisins and hand me a similar box, next to her open, 15th-story window.

"Throw them out the window. Go on," she said.

"The raisins? You want me to pitch raisins out your window?"

"Yes. And the people on the sidewalk outside will wonder what the hell is going on."

I frowned at that, but then I opened up the box and tossed out a raisin, thinking that it wouldn't hurt anyone, even if it hit them.*

"Ugh!" she spat, "You're doing it wrong!" then she threw her entire little box of raisins out the window, then grabbed mine from my hands and threw that one out the window, too.

"Want chicken?" she asked. She went to her fridge and pulled out a partially-eaten chicken and held it up in her hands. Before I could answer, she threw it, also, out the window. I watched as it splatted against the sidewalk, 15 stories below. The sidewalks weren't well-populated, but someone shouted, and a few people ran over.

"Are you nuts?" I asked her.

She yelled, "Why? Want to be next? Get the hell out of my house!"

I left and never saw her again.


*Click here to find out if a penny thrown off the Empire State Building will kill you if it hits your head!


  1. November of last year, there was a story all over the news of a woman who was crushed (not killed but seriously injured) by some kids who threw a shopping cart off a building. I bet they got started with raisins and chicken too.

  2. That is HORRIBLE!
    I hate it when I go to a store and they don't have enough carts for me to put my materialistic items into.
    Stop shopping cart theft now, I say!


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