That's Not How You Do April Fools

Story Sent in by Cheryl:

In high school, I had a bit of a crush on George. He was in my grade, quiet, and we had barely ever spoken. Still, he seemed mature, always gave me a smile, and we were in three of the same classes that year, and so I tried my best to subtly gain more of his attention.

We were working together on a group social studies project, and finally, after as much hinting as I could drop, he asked me out on a date for the weekend. I was eager for it, and so, it appeared, was he. He did have a strange request though.

"Could you get your nails done before we go out?" he asked, "I like pretty nails."

Not thinking twice about the request, I went out for a manicure and complete nail treatment that Friday, after school. The next day was April first, the day of our date. George had asked me to meet him at a restaurant, and I parked right next to him in the restaurant's back lot.

We both stepped out of our cars at the same time. This was, you have to understand, something I was looking forward to for at least a couple of years. I was nearly ecstatic to be there with him.

He strode right up to me, said, "I've been taking karate. April fools!" and slapped me, full on, right in the face.

I almost collapsed to the ground, and I involuntarily started to cry. He stood there, looking at me for all the world as if nothing unusual had just happened. Then he looked at my hands and said, "Nice nails."

I made my hand into a claw and swung at his face, raking my nails across his cheek. He screamed, staggered back against his car, and shrieked, "You bitch! I'm going to tell everyone what you did!"

He hurried back into his vehicle and screeched away, but I could definitely see tears on his face.

That Monday, in school, I explained the situation to my teacher, and she transferred me to a different group, as I requested. I've never spoken to George since.


  1. Wow, what a douche.

    I'm also going to point out that being attracted to somebody based solely on their looks (you mentioned you had "barely spoken") rather than their personality can easily get you on a lot of dates with douches.

    1. YOU DON'T SAY!

      She was in highschool at the time. Jeez.

    2. We all do stupid things in high school, and I'm not judging the OP for being shallow and insecure back then - I'm just pointing out that if your crush criteria are garbage, you wind up on garbage dates. I do feel bad for the OP, but hopefully she learned a broader lesson from the experience so she at least took something positive from the whole thing.

  2. good god. as a teacher, if one of my girls told me this story, i'd do a lot more than change the kid's group. O_o

  3. "I could definitely see tears on his face."
    I'm left wondering if this means he was crying or OPs nails were sharp enough to tear his face.

  4. Story sounds like a load of BS. If he really did slap you then the police station should have been your next stop.

  5. See, you had a crush on him. He crushed you face. Game even!


  6. WTF? I would have kicked him in the balls first, then hit him with the nails. If this is true, it's def one of the craziest I've read on here. What a psycho!


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