Dirty Prancing

Story Sent in by William:

I'm a ballroom dance instructor. When Liz, who I met online, discovered this, she asked that I take her to my dance studio for our first date. Friday night was a busy night for the studio, but I took her out to dinner beforehand, and then we went off to dance.

I demoed dances with Claire, another instructor and an accomplished dancer in her own right. When Liz and I made it to the studio, I told her that Claire and I were going to demo the dances for the crowd, but that I'd try to dance with Liz herself as much as I could. She seemed to be okay with that.

Claire and I demonstrated a waltz. After several repetitions, we milled about the crowd and I was sure the seek out Liz first. As she and I danced, she said, "You know, I can dance better than Claire." I wasn't sure about that. Liz stumbled over several steps. To that, I gave her a smile and told her that I hoped she was enjoying herself. We switched partners and continued on for a few more sets. Then, Claire and I reunited to demonstrate the Charleston.

Soon after, Liz and I danced together again. She said, "I was doing Charleston while Claire was in her soiled diapers." Claire, by the way, was actually older than Liz. But Liz went on, "She doesn't so much dance as she does prance. She has no real grace to her." I smiled and took it in stride. After all, Liz was technically a customer (I paid her way for the lesson) and I wanted to remain civil.

Finally, Claire and I showed the crowd a rudimentary tango. Liz groaned loudly during the demo, until finally, she just couldn't seem to take it anymore and stepped forward. She said to Claire, "Stop your prancing! I can dance better! Watch!" She then stepped between Claire and I, shoved poor Claire out of her way, grabbed my hands, and dragged me into the worst tango I've ever seen.

I broke away and said, "That's poor form, in more ways than one."

She gasped, spun around, and tromped out. Claire was shaken, but was able to finish the demo admirably. She and I actually ended up dating for a short while. That was, until Claire's husband (who I didn't know about) found out. But that's a whole other story.


  1. You knew Friday was a busy night.

    You took your customer "out to dinner."

    You dated Clair, who was married.

    This would appear to be "... poor form, in more ways than one."

    Is this real?

    1. He took his date out to dinner, and his date to where he worked, which put him in the unique position of having her also be a customer.

  2. I would like to hear the other story. Sounds pretty good.

  3. This story read like a section from a standardized reading comprehension test e.g. Which of these sentences is correct?
    A.) As is.
    B.) I met Liz online and told her that I am a ballroom dance instructor. She proposed that we go dancing for our first date.
    C.)I Discovered Liz online, who found I was a dance instructor, so I found her wanting me to take her dancing.
    D.) aboogie woogie woo.
    E.) none of the above.

    I think it may be the OP who is in poor form.

  4. I'm guessing Claire never wore her ring, so that would factor into it. And I would have told Liz no about going to the dance studio for a first date. I mean, I wouldn't bring a guy to my cubicle for a first date. Or when I was a teacher to my classroom for a first date, even if we were on a field trip. lol. You were working. You can't pay full attention to your date if you are working, and if it's a first date, you want to do something simple anyway. Liz didn't handle it well, but I understand her getting jealous if on her date with you she had to repeatedly watch you dance with another woman. If she wants to go dancing with you, take her some place that is not where you work. And if she is not a great dancer, maybe you can teach her a step or two.


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